The Princes of Thieves is the Russian Deadly Alliance and one of the UN-GDI Special Team and the team member of Federation Front. The gang of two bands, Wolfens and Gargoyles, are the master of thieves by the Law, stealing all the goods from the riches and greedy gangs from around the land of Volkogyla, Eastern Antichthon.


The Early DaysEdit

Ruslan Tryukvolk was a regular thief with no family or relatives in his life. Born with unfamiliar power which he cannot die if he's stabbed, shot, or worse. With his tapped power, Ruslan began his thieving career, stealing from low valuable things and cheap golds to high rich valuable treasures and diamonds, making him a profession thief himself.

Gorgy Lovkach is a member of the Gargoyles in Law, a group of night thieves, who is much more professional and cunning thief. He was sent to find Ruslan in order to join the Thief for Justice for their interests.

The Uncatchable WolfEdit

Ruslan has been thieving around to all gangs across the Eastern Antichthon and business was booming, making him the uncatchable wolf, but until he came across the line with Luklovs Brothers after he stole some wallets full with money and imitated girls from them at the brothel and being chased by them.

In a long pursuit, Ruslan has been chased into the woods for days and still he's remain uncaught by the Luklov Brothers. Trying to evade from them and undetected, Ruslan lured the Brothers to the very end of the forest at the edge of the cliff. Unable to move out, Ruslan has only one choice but to defend himself and killed the fifth Luklov Brother as he thrown his dagger to his heart. The battle was about to start but the cliff broke apart by weak environment and fell to their death, except for Ruslan.

After the fall, Ruslan miraculously survived thanks to his power of healing and surrounded by the corpses of the Luklov Brothers. As he was about to regain his legs back up, he accidentally touched the Luklov Brothers' crossbow and killed the fourth Luklov Brother, meaning they're still alive and he has to fight them again. As the two remaining Brothers stand up, Ruslan knocked the second Luklov Brother down and wrestles the first Luklov Brothers, struggling to fight back until Gorgy showed up when he shot and killed the third Luklov Brother as he's adding Ruslan after he defeated the second Luklov Brother and getting back on his feet then Gorgy killed his opponent. As the first and the last Luklov Brother was about to kill Ruslan to avenge his dead brothers, Gorgy gave Ruslan a knife and forcefully stabbed him through his heart as he killed him in cold blood.

With the Luklov Brothers are dead, Gorgy dragged Ruslan to the Thieves' hideout, far away from the eyes of wolves.

The Wolf and the GargoyleEdit

Ruslan and Gorgy have arrived the Thieves' hideout in the deepest mountain and he was present before the leaders of the group. There he met his own team of thieves, only seven including their master, while Gorgy has already his own team.

Before they were tasked, Ruslan was trained to refresh his thieving skills as well showing to them what he can do. But after his training is complete, Ruslan grew sick and tired of this and then suddenly, they were impressed and stunningly shocked when he was crushed by the falling ceiling and survived when he pulled himself out. Applauded by their superior, Ruslan and his team is ready to begin their mission of eradicate the Luklov Clan which Ruslan has already dealt with the Luklov Brothers and didn't knew about it but then he knows now.

Ruslan and his fellow Wolven thieves were sent into the city of Lugarov, controlled by the Luklov Clan, while Gorgy and his fellow gargoyle thieves were to the greedy baron's castle at the northeast of Gruuzk.

The Wolven thieves are being stalked and spied by angry Luklov Wolvens but they knew what's going to happened. They lured them into the dark alley and killed their stalkers then continue their mission; and this time, they won't be followed or stalked anymore. They've infiltrated the castle through the sewers and entered the guards locker but the problem was there were many guards sleeping and they have to go out quietly without making any noise. Briefly they made it out, they set it the triggering explosives connected with gas pipes then they spread out to find and assassinate the high-ranking members of the Luklov Clan and their leader, Lugarov Luklov.

But then while they're stealing loots and assassinated all high-ranking members, Ruslan spotted by Don Luklov's bodyguards and himself at the main hall but then he was mocked and insulted about his hairstyle and Ruslan became enraged and angry, fearing them as he's going for killing spree on Don Luklov's bodyguards and chase the don himself to the throne room. As he finally caught Don Luklov at the throne room, Ruslan beaten him into a bloody pulp after beating his remaining guards then his comrades came to him to ease him down. Calming down, Ruslan regain control over his anger and showing off his hairstyle. Then, they discovered the flyer something interesting to the Thieves and they took it from him as they bring it to the Thieves. With their mission is complete, they returned to the Thieves' hideout with corpses of high-ranking members, including Don Luklov (alive but beaten), and loots they stole from them.

Meanwhile at Gruuzk, Gorgy and his team infiltrated the greedy baron's castle and seek into his keep to steal his valuable golds, jewels, and treasures from anywhere on their sight. While they're looting silently, they also pickpocketing their coins and keys to each room, leading to the secret passage. Then, Gorgy discovered a flyer described as the biggest treasure of all ages that it will be displayed in Castle Myorkos. As their looting is done, they were spotted by the baron but they escaped their own way out to the secret passage while Gorgy stole the baron's rings.

Carrying their loots stole from them, they've escaped the castle, leaving no traces behind and returned to the Thieves' hideout.

The Biggest HeistEdit

With two pieces together, they've learned that their biggest heist will be the Seven Crowns of Jeragov Nerovolk the Iron King, who was the legendary thief now the disgraced thief master. While all other thieves are busy at the time, Ruslan and Gorgy are the only ones who can take the risky job if they want to steal the biggest robbery in the world.

Before they set off to Castle Myorkos, they set the plan of how to get in, get it, and get out strategy due it's high security presence inside the castle since their last time. Device two plans but one has to be used once and no going back and try again: raid by playing dumb or sneak in with shadows and steal it without being discovered by playing smart which they chose that. With the second plan is chosen, they set off to Castle Myorkos by night.

As they arrived near Castle Myorkos, the Thieves went to the sewer as they're going to break into the castle and went through the dungeons. Then they split up into two teams while Ruslan and Gorgy went to the ceiling to the main hall where the crowns are held. The Thieves have devised the part of the plan as they placed the sleeping gas to knock out the guards at the barracks and uses a misty smoke screen so they can steal guests' valuables while Ruslan and Gorgy took their chance to steal all crowns in one shot before their event begins. And just in time, they managed to leave the castle itself. But when the panic started and riot began, they have to fight their way out of the city until they encountered Jeragov Nerovolk himself along with his elites at the main gate. Ruslan and Gorgy was challenged when Ruslan's nemesis insulted his hair which makes him angry meaning his Aura has awakened so as Gorgy's Aura from his tattoos on his back and then they battled Jeragov and his evil henchmen. The battle was hard and then they finally defeated Jeragov and his men when the bridge is opened before them and rushed to escape the city into the bushes, leaving no traces behind.

As they returned to the Thieves' hideout with full loots in the bag, they are fully elite thieves in the ranks of Prince with their names on it after they completed their task with outstanding results.

And after that day, the Thieves went to travel the world where they'll steal anything on their sight to greedy nobles and warlords.


In the 21st Century, the Thieves have robbed the local bank in Zurich, Switzerland, and stole all bank accounts from well-known suspects wanted by Interpol, the FBI, and the FSB.

In St. Petersburg, Russia, they were found by the UN-GDI and recruited them as part of UN-GDI Special Teams.

Team MembersEdit

Ruslan "Rusty" TryukvolkEdit

A clumsy but yet hardly courageous Wolfen thief and the leader of the Wolfen Thieves who has no family or relatives in his life. He has unnatural power that he cannot die and has some "lame" haircut which he liked his own hairstyle. If he gets insulted or mocked by his enemies, he gets angry and his haircut got a little but messed up and makes invulnerable.

Gorgy LovkachEdit

A cunning Gargoyle thief who is the master of locksmith and pickpocketing. He steals the greedy riches and gives to the poor those who were aided by the Thieves. He's the team leader of the Gargoyle Thieves.

Vitaly StrelkavolkEdit

A professional sharpshooter thief who wields his dual crossbow and one heavy crossbow. His first theft was stealing the most precious lucky crossbow and bolts from the champion of the festival.

Stanislov StalvolkEdit

The obeisant Wolfen who is humble and kind and the expert on making home-made grenades and bombs. His first theft was stealing the secret recipe for the king from famous chef from Lugarov.

Boris ZhelezovolkEdit

The muscled Wolfen who wields his hammer to smash from barricaded doors to steel doors that no-one has done it before. His first theft was ten tons of treasure chests on its way to overseas.

Pavel PhozarvolkEdit

The hotheaded Wolfen thief who loves to burn stuff up as he has the magical element of fire, hence his last name of Phozar means "Fire". His first theft was stealing the most precious ruby neckless of Firekkov.

Luka VodavolkEdit

The cool-headed Wolfen thief who has the ability of water, allowing him to swim without needing of oxygen. His first theft was stealing the royal boat, decorated with diamonds and gold, from the royal court of Vodavostok.

Kuzma CharyvolkEdit

The charming Wolfen thief who can distract the guards by mimicking of female voice and lured them to his trap. His first theft was stealing the priceless statue and perfume from the vicious Wolfen queen.

Kir MasteravolkEdit

The grandmaster of the Wolfen thieves. Kir Masteravolk is the hardened veteran thief who stole all the goods from the riches across Antichthon for many years.

Igor ArbaletklyuvEdit

The archer and the marksman of the Gargoyle thieves. Igor was a trained profession bugler and his greatest theft was the priceless golden bow and arrow from the castle tower.

Kostya KinzhalkhvostEdit

The Gargoyle-like warthog thief who is the hot tempered member of the Thieves but he'll get along because he was born that way. His greatest theft was the Golden Statue of the Hogorov.

Kolzak DonoschiklyuvEdit

The hulking Gargoyle thief who is the muscle of the Thieves, he can rip the vault doors with his bare hands and quickly snatches their backpack without noticing anyone seen or heard. His greatest theft was 25 tons of golden bars from Castle Brezchnov.

Pyotr LeontylaEdit

The water Gargoyle thief who was a pirate working for the captain. After he was discovered by his former fellow crew for stealing the captain's booty treasures, Pyotr escaped with his loot after he blown the ship and later was picked up the Thieves.

Isaak PlamyaEdit

The Gargoyle-like Griffin who breaths fire like a dragon and the Gargoyle thieves' chef who can cook it with his recipes from his cookbook stolen from the southern Grezkostan. His greatest theft was the Golden Eggs Collection.

Roman RekagorgulyaEdit

The green Gargoyle thief who is the master of disguise to the team, distracting the guards and elites with his convincing words. His greatest theft was the royal court dresses, gifted from North Yolkostan.

Vladimir ShefgulyaEdit

The grandmaster of Gargoyle Thieves. Vladimir Shefgulya has travelled from north and east, stealing all the goods by every night. He's the mentor of Gorgy Lovkach since he found him and trained him to be the better thief like everyone else.


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