As the twin gods and their brethren lived into exile, they've searched heroes in every corners of the world known as Antichthon. For days, they've searched heroes and it seems they haven't found anyone except two: Vigor, the Dragonsnake warrior born from fire and steam, and Taigon, the Avian-like Raven of the Order of Black Birds. The two chosen ones were recruited and accepted the quest as they're going to defeat the Chaos gods but they're going to need more chosen ones from across Antichthon.

The chosen ones of Vigor and Taigon are the Dragoon Knight; Orc Barbarian; Avian-like Eagle Sky-Warrior; Wolfen Prowler; Dragonkind Cleric; Gargoyle Thief; Ægyptian Sorcerer; Lizardfolk Phalanx; the Ninja; the Assassin; Demoness Axe-bearer; the Archangel; Elven Archer; Dwarf Warrior; High Human Paladin; and the ordinary Human Monster Slayer named only as Hunter. And one that day, the First Alliance is born. Born to fight foes that no single heroes couldn't stand: they battled giant monsters from the dark forests to the cold mountain of Aspar, thousand hordes from demonic dimensions and the armies of Chaos gods, and finally the God-King of Chaos and his brethren. The First Alliance vanquished them and dethroned them. And with their brave action, the twin gods and their brethren returned to the heaven as the Order Gods, the opposite of Chaos, and rewarded them as Demigods as Vigor and Taigon has become one of them, along with the Archangel, High Human Paladin, Elven Archer, and Dwarf Warrior while the rest build their lives of their own.

The Hunter and Demoness fell in love as to the Dragoon Knight married with his loved one from his kingdom. The Sky-Warrior found his love and the rest of the heroes of Antichthon returned to their own land where they continued their adventures. And one by one, their children were born to become to be as heroes. Children will become one day will become the new generation of heroes of Antichthon. And that generation, the Demigod Vigor gave his gift to their children as he gave the power of Aura just as their ancestors did before and gave his mark to them so that everyone will recognize their sons and daughters, the Mark of the Dragonsnake.