In the universe of Deadly Alliance, there are many places to see it, so many countries to visit, so many cultures, religions, mythical, legends, societies, organizations, sciences and governments.

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Main WorldEdit

North AmericaEdit

Avalon State, Eastern U.S.A

Alpha City Delta City Metro City Broker City Oil City Rocky City Estacy City

2. New York City, NY, U.S.A GDI Headquarters

3. Washington DC, U.S.A T.A.S.K Force Headquarters

4. Coastal State, Western U.S.A

Tropical City Six Bay Island

South and Central AmericaEdit

La Republica de El Serpentaro(The Republic of El Serpentaro)

La Isla de Nuevo Bosque Republica (The Republic of New Bosque)


1. Социальная Республика Драконград (The Social Republic of Drakongrad)

Romania Lost Village, Transylvania

Valachia City, Walachia

Russia and the former states of U.S.S.REdit


Imperial Republic of Tairon

Imperial Republic of Kashmir

Australia and Pacific IslandsEdit

Middle EastEdit

United Arab Osman


Arab Republic of Zabibah


The Federal Republic of Safaria

The Democratic Republic of Kimashu


O.L.M.N Geology and Climate HQ UCV

Outer SpaceEdit

The Vrillon Galaxy

Planet Tiberius

The World of AntichthonEdit

In the world of Antichthon (or Counter-Earth), the gods and demigods created the land where humans and magical creatures live in peace. However, when the downfall of Twilight Gods, the Chaos Gods created the world with the fabric of Time and Space from different eras around the world. There, the heroes, the Deadly Alliance, were forced to fight each other to test their strength and abilities in order to save and protect their land, their home and their world. After that, the united forces formed by the Dragonsnake and the Black Raven defeated the Chaos Gods and the Twilight Gods has restored the balance across the world of Antichthon. However, the great battles between good and evil will live last for long...