The Deadly Alliance Heroes wikia

So if you asked "who are they? What are they? Where are they come from?" Then these answers are here. Feel free to see one of the teams' profiles, their origin and team members by click one of the banners and/or their names. 

I hope you enjoy the many profile that I've worked for. Time to meet our heroes! 

The Deadly AllianceEdit

United Nation Global Defense Intelligence
UN-GDI (United Nations Global Defense Intelligence)
001 Ace Soldiers 002 Ancient Sixous Tribes 003 Alien Razor 004 Angel Justice 005 Anti-Virus Bugs
Ace Soldiers Ancient Sioux Clan Alien Arbiters Angel Justice Anti-Virus Bugs
006 ANX 007 Balor's Force 008 Basilisks Guardian 009 Batz 010 B.A.S.E.R
Armored Nuke Dragon Force Balor Towers Basilisk Guardsmen Bat Ballista B.A.S.E (Battle Animal Special Exo-Rangers)
011 Black Soul Hunters 012 Brotherhood Barbarians 013 Clan of Krishnark 014 Claw-Kani 015 Cry Wing Clan
Black Soul Hunters Brotherhood Vikings Clan of Krishnark Clan Daevas Cry Wing Clan
016 Coyato Hun Rebel 017 Dice Master Knights 018 Dog Fighter 019 Draco Clan 020 Dragon Caribbean's
Coyato Han Clan Diamond Dragon Knights Dog Fighters Draco MacDragonis Clan Dragon Caribbean's
021 Dragon Knights 022 Dragon Pirate 023Dragoon Valor Knight 024 Drazerk Clan 025 Enforcement of Lightstorm
Dragon Knights Dragon Pirates Dragoon Valor Knights Drakojan Clan Elite Force Lightstorm
026 Flaming Mystical Phoenix 027 Flyer Eagles 028 Fox Nightwatchers 029 G-Police 030 Gargoyles Knights
Flaming Mystical Phoenixes Flyer Eagles Fox Reynard Clan G-Police Gargoyle Night Clan
031 Hagane Clan 032 Haitian Carvania 033 H.I.S.S.E.R 034 Holy Crusaders 035 Iga Ninjas
Hagane Clan Haitian Carvania H.I.S.S.E.R Holy Crusaders Iga Ninjas
036 Jades Kunoichi Clan 037 Jamaica Natives 038 Jetstars 039 Kukori Dragons 040 Kung-Fu Fighters
Jade Kunoichi Clan Jamaica Mojo Jumbos Jet Stars Kukori Dragons Kung-Fu Fighters
041 Lizardstalkers 042 Lonley Dragons 043 Lycos Clan 044 Mantis Biohazard Squad 045 Masked Beasts
Lizardstalkers Lonley Dragons Lycos Clan Mantids Biohazard Squad Masked Reptile Warriors
046 Mythology Warriors of Sparta 047 Native Cubanos 048 Night Guardians of Transylvania 049 Ops Brawler Sharks 050 Ops Cayton Knights
Mythical Warriors of Sparta NiteDay Cubanos Night Guardians of Transylvania Ops: Brawler Sharks Ops: Cayton Knights
051 Ops Cold Octopus 052 Ops Dinosaucers Strike Force 053 Ops Eel Shockers 054 Ops Grand Swordfish 055 Ops Seastar Fish
Ops: Cold Octopus Ops: Dino-Thunder Strike Force Ops: Eel Shockers Ops: Grand Swordfishes Ops: SeaStar Fishes
056 Ops Sharkstalkers 057 Ops White Dolphins 058 Ops Wolf Arctic 059 Orgers 060 Paradise Crocodile Rangers
Ops: Sharkstalkers Ops: Wave Dolphins Ops: Winter Warriors Orc Marauders Paradise Crocodile Rangers
061 Persian-Arabian Knights 062 Pharoah's Guardians 063 Pichu Machu Clan 064 Powerslave 065 Protectors of Titans
Persian-Arabian Knights Pharaoh's Guardians Pichu Machu Pack Powerslave Philosophers of Titans
066 R.U.S.T Force 067 Red Hot Firedrakes 068 Royal Guardian Knights 069 Samurai Shadows 070 Shanghai Dragon Clan
R.U.S.T Force Red Hot Firedrakes Royal Dragon Knights Samurai Shadows of Sengoku Shanghai Dragon Clan
071 Sea Musketeers 072 Shining Knights 073 Sheng Xiao Clan 074 Sisterhood Huntress 075 Slifer Pirates
Sea Musketeers Shining Knights Sheng Xiao Clan Sisterhood Huntress Slifer Pirates
076 Soul Scythes 077 Space Alpha Rangers 078 Speed Fighters 079 Spirit Ravens 080 Spawn Demons
Soul Scythes Space Alpha Rangers Speed Fighters Spirit Ravens Spawn Demons
081 Star Guardians 082 Swampers 083 Tank Raiders 084 The Griffon Union 085 The Hot Wheel Roadies
Star Guardians Swampers Tank Raiders The Griffin Union The Hot Wheel Roadies
086 The Spec Hawk Ops 087 The Temple Dragon Claws 088 Tristar Galactic Rangers 089 Tai Shaolin Clan 090 Tribal Dinosaurs Rockers
The Special Hawk Ops The Temple Dragon Clan TriStar Galactic Rangers Tai Shaolin Clan Tribal Dinosaur Rockers
091 Twin Dragons-Lion Hearts 092 U.S.E 093 Viper Poison 094 Webstors 095 Wicked Sorcerer Dragons
Twin Dragons-Lion Hearts U.S.E (Unseen Storm Ego) Viper Cobras Webstors Warlock Dragons
096 Wild Forest Clan 097 Winged Staff Dragon 098 Wolf Mercs 099 World Dragon Rangers 100 Yin Yang Clan
Wild Forest Clan Winged Staff Dragons Wolf Marauders World Dragon Rangers Yin Yang Clan
101 Yore Gladiators 102 Zalazarka 103 Zero Vampires 104 Zero Spacelizards 105 Zycho Brasilia
Yore Colossal Gladiators of Rome Zalazarka Clan Zero Vampires Zero Spacelizards Brasilia Slingers
106 Falcon Union 107 Fierro Diablos 108 Z'Ini Chiliana 109 Task Dino Police Rangers 47 110 Lizard Freedom Fighters 101
Falcon Union Fierro Diablos Rapu Nuio Chiliana Galactic Dinosaur Rangers Lizard Freedom Fighters
111 Shell Shocker Squad 112 7-7-7 Golden Guardians 113 7 Sea Star Warriors 114 Safari Warriors 115 Labyrinth Minotaurs
Shell Shocker Squad 7-7-7 Golden Guardians 7 Sea Star Warriors Safari Warriors Labyrinth Minotaurs
116 -- Zero-Wings
Wingaru Zero

CIA T.A.S.K Force
CIA T.A.S.K Force (Tactical Advance Special Kombat)
117 A-Sphere 118 Arch Twilight Clan 119 Cat Raider Clan 120 Diver Torpedoes 121 Laser Taggers
A-Sphere Arch Twilight Clan Crimson Blood Raiders Diver Torpedoes Laser Taggers
122 Mutant Manimals X 123 Nuke Beasts 124 Polar Hunters 125 Red Star Force 126 Royal Guardsmen of Troy
Mutant Space Pirates X Nuke Beasts Polar Warriors Red Star Force Royal Guardsmen of Troy
127 Specter Ninjas 128 Tengu Warriors 129 Unit Biohazard Squad 130 Yucatan Téteoh-Apu Warriors
Specter Ninjas Tengu Ninjas Unit Biohazard Squad Yucatan-Teteoh-Apu Alliance

Elite Special AgentsEdit

UN-GDI (United Nations Global Defense Intelligence)
Ed Hunter mugshot Alex Dragolon mugshot Shendumaru & Salkar mugshot
Ed Hunter Alex Dragolon Shendumaru & Salkar

CIA T.A.S.K Force (Tactical Advance Special Kombat)
Red Reaper mugshot Rico Reptile mugshot 2013 Cratos mugshot
Red Reaper Rico Reptile the Devil Dinosaur Cratos

Support Teams, Special Forces and Expert TeamsEdit

UN-GDI (United Nations Global Defense Intelligence)
Support Team Special Team Expert Team
GDI Support Team - Dragonis Clan The Banner of Legions of the Empire GDI Expert Team - Aqua Blue Force
Dragonis Clan Legions of the Empire Aqua Blue Force

CIA T.A.S.K Force (Tactical Advance Special Kombat)
Support Team Special Team Expert Team
T.A.S.K Force Support Team - Fed Dragon Dogs T.A.S.K Force Special Force - Immortal World Warriors T.A.S.K Force Expert Team - Cyber Commandos
Fed Dragon Dogs Immortal World Warriors Cyber Commandos


UN-GDI (United Nations Global Defense Intelligence)
Qui Long mugshot Mojulku mugshot Brokus Crossbone mugshot Sirgnas Zalakar mugshot Rako Rohan mugshot
Qui Long Mojulku Brokus Crossbone Sirgnas Zalakar Rako Rohan

CIA T.A.S.K Force
Tal Stergon mugshot (new) Taylor Velocity mugshot Drago Dukes mugshot Koda Motorbat mugshot Tyger Runes mugshot
Tal Stergon Taylor Velocity Drago Dukes Koda Motorbat Tyger Runes


GDI SP 01 - Iskar Raiders GDI SP 02 - The Exhuminators GDI SP 03 - Djinn Dancers GDI SP 04 - The Four Magnificent Magicians GDI SP 05 - The Moonstone Clan
Iskar Raiders The Exhuminators The Djinn Dancers The Four Magnificent Magicians The Moonstone Clan
GDI SP 06 - The Montana Rangers GDI SP 07 - The Princes of Thieves GDI SP 08 - The Knights of Arc GDI SP 09 - Flawless Claw Clan GDI SP 10 - The Peacekeepers Initiatives
The Montana Rangers The Princes of Thieves The Knights of Ultima Arc Flawless Claw Clan Peacekeepers Initiatives


T.A.S.K PT 01 - F.A.T.A.L - Four Armed Teams of Apocalypse Legion T.A.S.K PT 02 - Shadow Hassassins T.A.S.K PT 03 - Shadow Paranormal Commandos T.A.S.K PT 04 - X-Zero Commandos T.A.S.K PT 05 - Spetsnaz Alfa Red Berets
Four Armed Team of the Apocalypse Legion The Shadow Hassassins Shadow Paranormal Commandos X-Zero Commandos Spetsnaz Alfa Red Berets