Samurai Shadows of Sengoku is the Japanese Deadly Alliance and the Medieval Deadly Alliance as well the team member of the UN-GDI and the Shinto Clan. The clan of Oni-blooded lizard-like demons and Yokai warriors learned the way of Onimusha. They battled the Genma and Yamato no Orochi.


The Early DaysEdit

In the land of Sengoku, the war between the Yokai and the Genma have ravaged throughout the land, villages and castles destroyed, many warriors died, and the Yokai are losing grounds and failed to repel against their attacks. Those who oppose the Genma Emperor, Fortinbras, failed and died by his hands except one: one lone renegade warrior cast his son away to safety at sea while the lone warrior fought bravely against him. The baby was shored away to a peaceful village and taken care by a friendly blacksmith.

That baby was Kenshi.

On the other of this story, the once most powerful Ashikaga Clan was on the brink of defeat after ten major Yokai clans revolted the weak and broken-promised Shogun. Among them is unrelated major clan known as the Kaira Clan, ruled by the ambitious Daimyo named Kagemitsu Kaira. In his near defeat of his clan, Daimyo Kaira made a pact with the Genma Emperor and Yamato no Orochi in order to survive in the exchange of one of his two sons. But, one child is saved and spared by the former wife of Daimyo and escaped from the clutches of the evil Kaira Clan. Unfortunately, the child's mother was shot and killed by an archer but the child is save but fell onto the river. On the morning, the child was carried by a wise old man who was a ronin.

And that child was Genji Yokaimura.

The Tale of the Oni-DragonsEdit

Although his origin is unknown, Kenshi worked as the blacksmith like his adoptive father and has became the master of weapons because he has a great knowledge of weaponry as well using any weapon. He went to the mines to buy some materials for the repair for swords and hoping get back to the village in time during the monsoon rain. But when he returned to the village, Kenshi was shocked to see his friends were killed, including his adoptive father, serious fatally wounded by arrows on his back. Before his father was killed, Kenshi was told to find the rebels led by the grandmaster named Sanosuki, he was surrounded by the Genma warriors and was about to being captured but Kenshi fought back with his Katana. After he defeated the Genma warriors in the village, he heard the voice of a goddess and followed her echoes to the pound where he found the ancient greave with a magical orb of elements. With his new and strange power acquired, he rushed to the smithery and took all the weapons he can carry then escaped to the woods while evading the Genma warriors.

In woods, he heard a shout coming from the bushed while he was sleeping and saw a young thief and she's been surrounded by bandits. Kenshi saved her as he defeated the bandits but Kenshi was about to get thanks from her, he got bumped hard because she doesn't need help; that thief was Kaede, a member of Sanosuki's Oni-Dragon. Although he didn't get thanks from her, Kenshi is simply followed her to the hideout then later joined her after he embarrassingly followed Kaede. As they've arrived at the abandoned pagoda castle, Kenshi was knocked unconscious and was taken to the dungeon for questioning. At the dungeons, he met the renegade thief named Jubero and then Kenshi was brought to the throne where he meets Sanosuki. As Kenshi kneel before him, Sanosuki saw the marking on his neck, believed to be as the son of the rouge warrior who turned on the Genma Army and its affiliated clans, as well the Mark of the Dragonsnake. Convinced, Kenshi was released and named as Samurai Shadow of Green Dragon Blacksmith" then he was tasked to free the enslaved workers at the mine as he was sent into the town with his first team.

When they've arrived in the town of Ishigaido, they've heard rumors of this "miraculous" discovery of gold from the mine and found the location of the mine at the cliff, just above from the town. As they're arrived near the mines, the place was guarded by Genma Jaido bandits and the slaves were taken into the mines where they were forced to dig in for gold and ores. Kenshi and his fellow bandits have just sneaked into the mines until they were spotted by the guards inside. They fought their way to free the slaves as they go deeper and deeper until they encountered the leader of their mining operation, Batto Darakuzu, a ruthless henchman of the evil bandits, and Kenshi fought him in one-on-one sword fight which he won and defeated him. With the slaves are freed, they head back to the town and helped them to tend their wounds from their hard forced-labor.

While Kenshi and his fellow bandits tended their wounds, they've learned from one of slaves discovered the tunnel leading their hideout on the other side of the mines. With the new information obtained, they rested for one night and prepared for the next day.

They returned to the mines but only to find that it's heavily guarded by the samurais now and they have to fight their way into the mines' tunnel in a hard way. As they fought their way to the tunnels the freed slave's description believed to be behind the big double door where he defeated Darakuzu and discovered even more than just a tunnel; it was led into the old castle that the Genmas have occupied it long ago!

They've entered the castle courtyard and Kenshi and his closed-fellow bandits have infiltrated the inner castle while others are looking around to find the alternative entrance from behind. They sneaked to the keep where they heard over conversation between the Genma Lord and the leader of Genma Jaido Bandits, Chong Noronaga. They've learned their evil plan that they're going to attack Ishigaido to make look like the Oni's fault and Kenshi and his friends must stop them but unfortunately, they were been captured by Chong's lieutenant and son, Song Noronaga. Captured, they were taken to Chong's inner sanctum and Kenshi was confronted by his nemesis for the first time. He was reminded by his nemesis' words from his past that he was like his real father who was executed long ago and has indeed the blood of the Oni-Dragon like his fellow bandits and master. He was offered to join Chong's evil side but refused and he was about to be the first to kill but thankfully, Sanosuki and his rebels invaded the castle and Kenshi broke free as his Aura suddenly bursted out from within and attacked Chong's guards while his nemesis and rival escaped. He then freed his fellow bandits and goes after them while Sanosuki and his fellow bandits raided into the castle where they freed all enslaved maidens and prisoners of war at the dungeon and looted all golds and treasures. As Kenshi and his fellow bandits finally caught up with their nemesis at the north from the keep, the two were about to clash each other while he was about to be cheated by Chong's dirty trick of dishonor but it was intervened by Sanosuki and allowed their nemesis to leave with shame and defeat. Kenshi and the others were about to stop them but they were ordered to stand down and let them go as he's going to tell the truth about the blood of the Oni-Dragons which they know already about it.

Although the battle may be over but the war on the Genmas continues...

The Onimusha WarriorsEdit

Genji Yokaimura was raised and trained by a ronin to be a samurai for years while he was hidden away from the Kaira Clan. Until one day, his master was murdered after he was returned from the village nearby. Then the mercenary assassins showed up and were about to kill Genji but he quickly defended himself as he slain them all with his master's katana and learned the identity of his master's assassins that they are working for the Genma. Not only that, he learned that his master was the Onimusha Warrior from the previous war and Genji is the new Onimusha Warrior which he heard the legend but didn't knew. Out to find and kill the Genma, Genji sets his sight to find the other Onimusha Warriors across Sengoku.

From the beautiful wilderness to the Bridge of Minamoto, he encountered Benkei-Oni, a monk and an weapons collector, and was challenged to fight for winning whoever can cross the bridge after the battle which Genji has won fairly. After the battle, Benkei-Oni joined at his side as his retainer, a weapon expert, and a good friend when he gave new weapons to him as the replacement of his regular katana, the blue katana known as the Hyakkimura and the red Kodachi (short sword) known as Dororo, and head to the City of Obake where they can find the Onimusha Warriors there.

In the city of Obake, they went to the inn where the mercenaries for war are stayed there. There they met and recruited Kami Shikigami, the human Omnyoji; Yugi Kurama, the Tengu samurai; Daiko Danukai and Taikosama, the Tanuki samurai bandits; Kitsana and Kitsune-bi, the Kitsune ninjas; Takashi Bakuro, the Bakeneko samurai; and Sanosaki, the agile skinny red Oni warrior, and they were recruited for his quest to find the other Onimusha warriors and learn his destiny. On the next day, their first quest has began when they heard rumors about the Kappas were about to lose the battle against Mizu Orochi Army in the region of Mizuppa, the land of Kappas. With their first contract accepted, they set off to Mizuppa and assist the Kappa Army.

As they've arrived in Mizuppa, they set it up their base near the war camp and met Kawatarō, the last survivor from the defense line and wanted to fight and kill Mizu Orochi warriors to avenge his friends and family to restore his honor to his people which Genji accepted him to join the group, but with one condition, of course. After three days of repelling their attack, they decided to scout the dark murky river where the Dark Kappas are camped there but on they way, they were ambushed by Dark Kappa warriors but the Onimusha Warriors managed to defeat them. Then, after the ambush, they interrogated one of the Dark Kappas and learned that they were aided by Yamato no Orochi and the Dark Kappa shogunate and his army are marching to Mizuppa. They spared last Dark Kappa Warrior and then rushed to Mizuppa to warn them for impending attack. Arriving in time in Mizuppa, they've nearly success convinced daimyo but they have to stay away from them in case if the diplomacy failed but they have clear evidence for them in case as well. As the Dark Kappas and the shogunate himself arrived at the main gate, the Onimusha Warriors spotted Mizu Orochi assassins behind the bushes and foiled their plan. When the diplomacy has ended in failure and Mizuppa daimyo is fully convinced, the Onimusha Warriors are now clear to attack the Dark Kappas asthey're defending the city and freeing the remaining hostages. Wave after wave, they forced the Dark Kappa shogunate out into a fight and Kawatarō faced him alone. However, when Kawatarō is in trouble, Genji aided him by stopping the Dark Kappas from interfering and then finally Kawatarō defeated him by cutting his chest open and ripped the big orb from his heart. With the Dark Kappas are defeated, the Onimusha Warriors have completed their task and their first contract as they were rewarded with golds and new weapons for the clan. But for the gold, Genji gave half of it to the poor wisely as donations.

For months, the Onimusha Clan is become the most recognizable samurai clan in Sengoku as they're defeating the Orochi Army and helping other Yokai clans such as Tengus, Kitsunes, Tanooki's, and Oni's and spread like out of control wildfire as all Onimusha Warriors joined the new Onimusha Clan. One day, they received the letter from Kaira Clan due to their impressive performance and all of them are invited to Kaira Castle in the city of Kiryomori. But to the clan, they know the Kaira Clan is the most hated clan of Sengoku but they'll keep an eye on them if they suspected their traps. On their way to the city, they spotted the convoy was ambushed by Oni bandits and the clan rushed to rescue the convoy. After they pushed the bandits back to the forest, they were thanked by Daimyo Kaira himself; it was Kaira convoy and the clan were brought to Kiryomori.

As they're arrived in Kiryomori, Genji met Daimyo Kaira's son, Kagetsune Kaira, and his wife, Kirimoni. Still, they suspected their trap is waiting for them, except Kirimoni who was supposed to be Genji's "mother" though he don't know about her. At night, the clan were sleeping in their quarters but they sensed Kaira ninja assassins and killed them as they foiled their one of the traps. The next day, they foiled their another assassination attempt in the morning breakfast and noon and then during the hunting and then dinner, foiling their poisoning attempt. It seemed they gained help from Kagemitsu's wife before that happened. After assassination attempts foiled, the Onimusha Clan received the final message from Kirimori before she died and learned the truth about his past since he was a baby; he's the illegitimate son of Kagemitsu Kaira and Kagetsune's half-brother. Then, the castle is started to burn as they fought their way out of their quarters and then they found themselves in the middle of battle between the Kaira and the Tokugawa. The Onimusha Clan quickly joined forces with the Tokugawa and defeating the Kaira Army as they're marching to the real Kaira Castle Keep. There, the clan has encountered Genji's half-brother and Genji faced his rival in a one-on-one sword fight which he won and defeated him then entered the castle. Genji and his fellow samurais fought their way to the top until they reached Kagemitsu and Genji and his nemesis clashed each other like father against son. The battle was intense until Genji defeated his "father". Genji gave a dagger to perform his ritual suicide but instead, his nemesis was about to kill his illegitimate son but he fell the roof when it collapsed by fire and the clan escaped the keep.

With the Kaira Clan is defeated, the Onimusha Clan is then hired as mercenaries to defeat the main enemies of Sengoku, the Genma Army and Orochi Army. But until then, they deserve rest.

The Samurais' DestinyEdit

After days of well-earned rest, the Onimusha Clan were tasked with contract to capture and liberate the island of Ranomori where the Genma and Orochi Army are stationed there. However, they're not the only ones there; the Oni-Dragons will be there as well.

The Onimusha Clan is companied by Mebuki Jugodo's old clan, the Shimazu Clan, and they landed on shore by boat and then they were ambushed by Tsuchi Orochi Army and the clan defended themselves until the Oni-Dragons showed up and helped the Onimusha Clan to defeat the Tsuchi Orochi Army which they did.

As they camped at the conquered, Kenshi and Genji are seen eye-to-eye and spoke each other of how they got involved into the Yokai-Genma Wars. They have a same goal to defeat the Genma Army and so they worked together as a team. The next day, they've reached the Ranomori Castle Keep and battled their way to find and defeat their commander. The two teams were managed to eradicate the Genma and Tsuchi Orochi Army and freed the island. With their contract is completed, they were rewarded with bigger prizes for capturing the Genma commander alive and destroyed their idol statues. However, they have many contracts to do to end the war.

The two clans were formed as the Samurai Shadows of Sengoku as they battled throughout Sengoku, defeating the armies of Orochi and eradicating the Genma Army as they push them out, and their names and fame of legends were spread like mega-tsunami from the southern lands of Minamoto to the northern lands of Odaiko.

On the final push in Sengoku City to liberate Sengoku, the clan were tasked to disrupt their defenses, strange artilleries and cannons, cut off their supply line, and weaken their army by assassinate their commanders, by nightfall. During their task, they discovered the Genma and Orochi's sinister plan at Sengoku Castle as they've learned about the next threat: they used the Orb of Chaos to cause wreck havoc on Yokai Clans and its army as well Sengoku if they're getting to close. There they saw the Shogunate of the Orochi Army, Yamato no Orochi himself, and the Shogunate of the Genma Empire, Genma Fortinbras, for the first time. As the two leaders left the chamber, they sabotaged the Orb by casting the spell of Order by Kami Shikigami's ward-paper then left the city with being discovered as they have completed their impossible task. Now the final battle has begun as they battled their way into the city through the main gate and then fought their way to liberate each district, helping the resistance fighters and freeing the civilians who want to escape the fight, and then onward to the castle where Yamato no Orochi and Genma Fortinbras are waiting for them. As they reached the Sengoku Castle, Kenshi, Genji, Benkei-Oni, and Kami are heading to the upper floor of the castle while the rest of the clansmen remain to hold their ground until they returned. The four brave heroes fought their way up to reach the upper floor with courage until they've reached their nemesis at the upper and confronted them for the first time. Before their first taste of battle, Kami triggered his ward-paper on the Orb of Chaos to explode so their evil army is weakened and forced them to surrender to the Yokai Clans. But not without a fight their nemesis as Kenshi and Genji clashed their nemesis in a sword fight. The battle was intensified and extremely hard until the end as the heroes managed to defeat them as Genji defeated Orochi and Kenshi defeated Fortinbras then they banished them to the underworld.

The Yokai-Genma Wars is officially over and the Samurai Shadows of Sengoku are hailed as war heroes.


The two clans have gone to their separate ways until Kenshi was teleported to our Earth on December 21, 2012. In Tokyo, he rescued the undercover agent from the local Yakuza. Fortunately it was the UN-GDI's predecessor, the Paranormal Division, who staged it to made contact and brought to Germany.

After the joint-operation in France, Kenshi is reunited with his clan and Genji and the Onimusha Clan when the Planegate Portal has been activated and joined force with their new allies to fight the alien invaders, the Monarchs.

After the defeat of the Monarchs, the Samurai Shadows of Sengoku are now residing in Japan as the Oni-Dragons are resided in Kyoto and the Onimusha Clan is resided in Tokyo where the ancestral place was once called Edo during the time of Warring State of Japan.

Team MembersEdit

The Oni-DragonsEdit

  • Kenshi (侍影の緑龍鍛冶屋/Samurai kage no ryokuryū Kajiya) -Leader of the Oni-Dragons. Born with mysterious origin, he was raised by good old blacksmith and became the master of weapons. With his Oni blood, he can transform into the most powerful form of the Oni-Dragon; armed with his Oni gauntlet with many weapons he can use and elemental powers. His title on long breechcloth means “Samurai Shadow of Green Dragon Blacksmith.”
  • Okado (侍影の赤龍火災/Samurai kage no akaryū kasai) - The Red Oni-Dragon Warrior has the mastery of fire. He’s the one of six Kenshi’s band of bandits. His title on long breechcloth means Samurai Shadow of Red Dragon Fire
  • Koppo (侍影の青龍水/Samurai kage no Seiryū mizu) - The Blue Oni-Dragon. He was a fisherman and the water ambusher. He’s also the members of Kenshi’s band of bandits. His title means Samurai Shadow of Blue Dragon Water.
  • Saiga (侍影の黄色龍狙撃兵/Samurai kage no kiiro ryū sogeki-hei) - Saiga is the professional sharpshooter of the Oni-Dragons, hence his title as Samurai Shadow of Yellow Dragon Sharpshooter. He’s one of the members of Kenshi’s bandit band.
  • Keada (侍影のバラ龍泥棒/Samurai kage no bara ryū dorobō) - She’s a wild, rebellious thieving Oni-Dragon who gets into trouble but she knows how to fight by herself. She’s also one of the members of Kenshi’s thieving band, hence her title as Samurai Shadow of Rose Dragon Thief.
  • Kojoto (侍影のオレンジ龍スピアマン/Samurai kage no orenji ryū supiaman) - The obese spearman of the Oni-Dragons. He’s a friend to Kenshi since childhood and the member of his band. He’s the Samurai Shadow of Orange Dragon Spearman.
  • Tokao (侍影の紫龍空気/Samurai kage no shi ryū kūki) - The Purple Oni-Dragon who lived at the temple and trained with his sword and shield, forged with the element of Air, hence the title as the Samurai Shadow of Purple Dragon Air.
  • Jubero (侍影のブラック龍略奪者/Samurai kage no burakku ryū ryakudatsu-sha) - A crazed, hot-headed Oni-Dragon. He’s a renegade to his former ranks when he disobeyed the Genma Emperor and stealing their loots. He managed to escape from the Genma Prison Island and joined the rebel clan. He’s the Samurai Shadow of Black Dragon Marauder, hence it from his reputation.
  • Okana (侍影のグレー龍ハンター/Samurai kage no gurē ryū hantā) - A farmer now a rebel fighter as the Oni-Dragon. He lost his parents and friends from his village, destroyed by the Genma Army as they suspected as the rebel base. He’s the Samurai Shadow of Grey Dragon Hunter.
  • Jotoro (侍影のブラウン龍地球/Samurai kage no Buraun Ryū chikyū) - The muscled Oni-Dragon. He’s loyal to Sanosuki as his bodyguard since he met him after fleeing from the tyrannical island. He’s the Samurai Shadow of Brown Dragon Earth, hence the title due he wields his war-hammer and the element of Earth.
  • Sanosuki (侍影の白龍団長/Samurai kage no haku ryū danchō) - He’s the grandmaster of the Oni-Dragons and mentor to Kenshi. He’s the defected Genma Commander after he realized that his family was executed and managed to flee the empire as abandoned his former ranks. He’s the Samurai Shadow of White Dragon Grandmaster.

Onimusha ClanEdit

  • Genji Yokaimura

A ronin samurai who is the leader of the Onimusha Clan and has a combined blood of Yokai and human. He is known to all Sengoku Yokai Clans as the Slayer of Genmas, wielding his two swords, Hyakkimura (a blue Katana) and Dororo (a red Kodachi (a short sword)), as he vowed to vanquish the vile evil forces of Chaos from the Kaira Clan, the Genma Army, and Yamato no Orochi. He's also the illegitimate son of Daimyo Kagemitsu Kaira after he was stranded onto the river so none of Kaira warriors will find him until he was found, raised, and trained by the ronin who was once the Onimusha warrior.

  • Benkei-Oni

A retainer and a good friend of Genji. Benkei-Oni is the “Strength of One Thousand Demons” and he's the Oni-monk, the weapons expert and collector. A humble and honorable warrior, Benkei-Oni was a member of the spiritual clan and has collect 999 weapons from his defeated opponents. On his 1000th duel, he met Genji Yokaimura at the Bridge of Minamoto where he was defeat a fair fight. After a fair duel, Benkei-Oni joined his side to battle against the forces of evil as he gave him new weapons. He has a lot of weapons like swords, spears, halberds, battle axes, muskets, blunderbusses, throwing ninja stars, and tons of weapons he collected. Oh, and he collects modern weapons.

  • Kami Shikigami

An Onmyoji (also the only human of his clan) who can summons his Shikigami's and his unlimited ward-papers to wipe out the Gemna Army. In his secret origin, Kami Shikigami is the son of Kitsune mother when his father died by illness and was trained by her. He attendants and learned at the sacred shrine where he uses magic and exorcist spell to remove the demonic spell. Until one day, his mother was killed by the Genma hunting party when Onmyoji's brought her to him for terrible news he wouldn't want to hear it. Vowed with vengeance, Kami uses his ward-papers on his mother's murderers and saved her shrine from being desecrated with shame. With his mother finally rest in peace, Kami's training was seemingly completed and he's free to roam Sengoku until he met Genji Yokaimura and joined the Onimusha Clan.

  • Kawatarō

A Kappa warrior who have lost his friends and parents during the repelled attack from Mizu Orochi Army. After he survived the attack, he joined the Mori Clan for his service until he was transferred to his home village where he must defend it from the Genma's allied clan where he meet Genji Yokaimura and the Onimusha Clan. He has joined the clan because he wants to go to the adventure that he had never been there before and taking on the Mizu Orochi Army's and rouge Kappa warriors' camp. After the rouge Kappa clan, the Nosuke Clan, is vanquished, Kawatarō stayed with the clan to fight new enemies from the Kaira Clan, the Orochi Army and the Genma Army.

  • Yugi Kurama

A noble Tengu samurai. Since he found his father's body, he recovered his armor and his katana and restored the honor of his father's name, his clan and his race against the Genma Army and Kaze Orochi Army. Then, Yugi served the Tokugawa Clan to help the Imagawa Clan against the Orochi Yami Army and the Genga Oni clan. After his service with two clans, Yugi became a wandering warrior who have travelled to the Joseon Kingdom and Four Kingdoms of China where he met people he never seen them before and helped them to battle against their common enemy until he returned to Sengoku and joined the Onimusha Clan due to his father's history with the clan.

  • Daiko Danukai

A short Tanuki samurai with short hothead was a master to all Tanuki samurais until he has been hired by the Tokugawa Clan as a mercenary to crush Orochi's Tsuchi army. Daiko was also a former bandit, stealing the crops and golds from rival clans until he changed his profession to Samurai when he joined the battle against the Genma Army and the secretly treacherous Kaira Clan. After services with the Tokugawa Clan, he joined the Onimusha Clan.

  • Kitsana

A Kitsune ninja who was once served one of the independent Nine-Tailed Fox Clans. She was trained by her ninja master and sent to her task to assassinate the Genma Army General until she was trapped by the Genma Fox Ninjas but Kitsana was aided by her niece, Kitsune-bi, and managed to escape after they've managed to assassinate one of the Genma Army Generals. Despite the success of her assassination, she was betrayed by the rival clan when all the clansmen and her master, even her close-friend, were killed by Fortinbras Genma's elite assassins. After her services with the Chosokabe Clan, she joined the Onimusha Clan and restored the honor of her friend and her master.

  • Sanosaki

A red skinny but strong Oni was once a bandit to steal the golds and goods from greedy lords and Yami Orochi Army and gives it to the poor now a mercenary who is freed by the Oda Clan during the ambush. When he pledged to serve the Oda Clan, Sanosaki fought the Orochi Tsuchi army and the Genma Army's evil ally clan, the Genga Oni clan. After his service is done with the Oda clan, Sanosaki became a bandit again and this time he joined the Onimusha Clan for adventures and fun have been waited for.

  • Yokomo Zennji

A Yokai-like snake or Hebi who was once a loyal soldier of Oda Army now a gunslinger, sharpshooter and mercenary who took out the platoon of Orochi's Doku Army for the Saiga Renegades. Yokomo Zennji was trained at the Portuguese Conquistadors' camp where he retrieved the weapons back to the rightful owners which it was stolen by the Genma Army for their use on the black market. After his training is completed, he was rewarded with dual blunderbuss and a musketeer and began his mercenary work until he joined the Onimusha Clan in the Battle of Hebinagato.

  • Takashi Bakuro

A young Bakeneko bandit was hired by Takeda Army to steal information from the Gemna. But he's also a thief to his old Bakeneko clan who stole the stolen wallets and gave it back to the original owners. After gaining the information and gave it to them, he chose to remain as mercenary until he joins Genji's clan.

  • Kiriju Ratzu

A Yokai-like rat was born from thief to soldier loyal to Fuma Clan to mercenary to the Oda Clan. He's a spearman who can steal Orochi's and Genma's gold from above and below and even on the battlefield, fighting against 100 Doku Orochi warriors and survived. After his services for the Oda Clan, Kiriju joined the Onimusha Clan after they've liberated his home village in the small region of Roduka.

  • Yuriko & Yurami Fujiama

Twin Yokai-like wolfs are once loyal ninjas to the Hojo Army now hired assassins. They are very known to their service for the Hojos as they've eradicate the Genma's and Orochi's Kaminari Army. Now hired assassins, Yuriko and Yumari served to the Tokugawa Clan, an ally to the Hojo Clan, as they've carried out their missions to weaken the Orochi Army and the Kaira Clan due to their suspicion over their relationship with the Genma Army. After they've carried out their task, Yuriko and Yumari joined the Onimusha Clan.

  • Kunoichi-bi

A Kitsune ninja from White Nine-Tailed Fox Clan who served the Chosokabe Clan as spy, assassin and saboteur. A skilled Kuinoichi who is silenter, cunninger and deadlier but a bit stern and serious than any other ninjas, striking down swiftly in seconds. Despite having a one tail, she's a fire-fox or Kitsune-bi. She's the elder cousin of Kitsana.

  • Taikosama

A young Tanuki bandit who was hired by the Tokugawa Army to recover the stolen treasure from the Genma Army. Known to Tanuki clan, Taikosama is the famous thief who stole the vault from the Kaira Clan and gave it to each clan for rewards. Unlike Tanuki's, he's big partner of Daiko Danukai since their old times as bandits.

  • Fugoshinto

A skeleton/undead warrior in the samurai armor was served to the Date Clan now a lone mercenary who can take on piercing arrows and spears of Orochi's Yami Army and Genma Army. Having returned from the dead after the battle, Fugoshinto still fighting evil forces across Sengoku independently until he came across with Genji Yokaimura and the Onimusha Clan and joined forces with them. He has one left eye open and lost his right eye after he was revived from the dead and put the ward-paper to cover it.

  • Mizamura

A Yuki-Onna (Snowgirl) was served as the maid to Tokugawa now she joined the Onimusha Clan. She has the ability to freeze her enemies with ice. Mizamura was born in the snowy region of Yukisashi with her mother who was the geisha of the clan and she was following her footsteps until she discovered that her mother was also one of the greatest assassins of the Yokai clan. After the secret discovery, she chose a very positive way to assassinate her enemies rather have blood on her hands like Kyushira did.

  • Kyushira

A Yokai-like vampire maid who was served with the Oda Clan now joined the Onimusha Clan. Kyushira was the daughter of the feudal lord of her clan until he was assassinated by her rival clan. Thrist for vengeance, she became Geisha and assassinated a rival feudal lord and his inner circle one by one until none of them are left to continue their bloodline until she assassinated one of the Genma warlords, making her one of the most famous and beautiful assassins of Sengoku. She has the ability to seduce the enemies and suck their blood for her thirst.

  • Akachi Katsume

The honorable Yokai-like Tiger who served to Takeda Clan now joined the Onimusha Clan. He wore is ancestors' armor and wield his Tiger Kai Katana during his service with Lord Shingen Takeda. He's very known to them and his clan who fought 20.000 Orochi Ka warriors in the Battle of Kataigau Province. After the battle, Akachi joined the Onimusha Clan.

  • Heiko Ryu-Kaminari

A Yokai-like Dragon who served Masemune Date and his army in a battle against Orochi's Kaminari Army. Like Yokomo's ability, he can shoot with his dual guns with lighting bolts and thunderbolts. He also wielding his father's Katana, the Thunder Dragon Sword since he served to Tachibana.

  • Tashiro Taishimoto

A Yokai-like dolphin who was recruited and enlisted by the Mori Clan as their spearman. Tashiro is brave and smart and never back down without a fight since he fought and defended the ship against 5.000 warriors from the Orochi Mizu Army at the Battle of Tankamui. With his great knowledge of naval tactics and maneuvers, he was later joined Genji's clan. His father was a spearman for Minamoto Clan during the naval battle against their rival, Taira Clan.

  • Mebuki Jugodo

A fierce fastest Yokai-like Lizard warrior who served to Shimazu Clan now a mercenary who fought Kaze, Doku and Tsuchi Orochi Army and the Genma single-handed with the little help of his boomerang. Mebuki Jugodo is very known to the clan who defeated three of eight armies of Yamato no Orochi and the Genma Army in a single combat, fighting against 510.000 combined forces to 14.000 Shimazu, and survived the bloody battle at the Bannai Castle in an hour until the Onimusha Clan and the Oni-Dragons came to reinforced the allied army. After the bloody battle, Mebuki joined the Onimusha Clan.

  • Tariko Kirio

A Yokai-like butterfly is the drifter who joined the Onimusha Clan. Once the Yari Spearman of Taira Clan, Tariko Kirio was loyal to clan until he survived the bloody battle between the Genma Army and his clan (though the clan's relationship was uneasy). Instead taking his own life for his honor, he dishonored himself and abandoned the clan, violating the Bushido code and became the lone mercenary. After he was captured by the Sanada Clan and pledged his service to them in order to survive, Tariko joined the Onimusha Clan.

  • Yoshitsuke Sutinga

A Yokai-like hornet who is very inspired from one of most famous warriors from Sanada Clan, Yukimura Sanada. He's known to defeating of the two sons of Ashina Clan in the Battle of the Ashina Castle, surviving the cowardly arrows and slew thousands of Ashina warriors. After he served to Sanada Clan, he joined the Onimusha Clan.

  • Yurika

A female Yokai-like butterfly who was served the Sanada Clan now joined the Onimusha Clan. During her service to the Sanada Clan, Yurika is the retainer and trainer of Yoshitsuke Sutinga to become a powerful warrior like his inspired warrior. But in secret, she was the secret agent to the independent Yokai clan. In the Battle of the Ashina Castle, Yurika killed the Ashina Shogunate before he could escaped. She's the first female Yokai Samurai and skilled archer.

  • Kazori Mazuu

A Yokai-like Praying Mantis who was served to Hatorri Clan as the first Shinobi of the Yokai. Kazori is very known to all in shadows due his assassinations on corrupt Daimyos, weak commanding officers, feeble-some siblings, and of course the would-be Shogun from the Genma Clan who is the only suitable when they have taken over Sengoku. Fortunately, Kazori successfully assassinated him in a honorable sword fight in the camp at night. After his services with the Hatorri and the Tokugawa Clan, he joined the Onimusha clan.

  • Jogoro Tsuchigama

A Yokai-like spider who served the Oda Clan now a mercenary who has the ability to create traps with his webbing strings. He's very known to Jorogumo Clan who have fought 17.000 Orochi Doku warriors in the Battle of Joreniza singlehandedly with 14.000 brave warriors from his old clan.

  • Ryu-Gyuki

The hulking Ushi-Oni (or Gyuki) who was served with the Honda Army now a wandering mercenary. He can cut trees and his enemies from the Genma Army in one blow with his war weapon-like club. Ryu-Gyuki is very known to the Gyuki Clan since he defeated the rival clan's champion in a brutal but fair fight until he fought hundreds of rival Gyuki warriors when his opponent failed to cheat and kill him. After the bloody battle, Ryu-Gyuki was free to leave but he made promise he will come back which he did a couple times. He's accompanied by Ryu-Ushi and Ryu-Uma.

  • Ryu-Ushi & Ryu-Uma

The duo mischievous bandits and mercenaries who fought the Genma Empire's army. They're known to their lies and cheats on gamble on every Yokai clan but very known as most wanted criminals to the Kaira Clan for stealing the fabulous golden armor and the duo fearless and dangerous warriors who fought 300 rival Gyuki clansmen. After the bloody battle, they were relieved from the clan and joined and follows Ryu-Gyuki as their boss and leader.

  • Daigo Genpei

A Mujina who was served to Imagawa Clan as the magician now joined the Onimusha Clan. He can casts the spells in battle and heals his companions during and after the battle. He was monk who spurred the revolt and rioting against rouge Yokai clans loyal to the Genma Army with believes and magic tricks, exposing their lies and deceit.

  • Shojobo Ekei

A Shojo (Heavy Drinker and some kind of Japanese sea creature) is the talented but drunk sword fighter who truly has the technique of Drunken Sword. Shojobo doesn't care about fame and fortune but he does care about helping people in the name of freedom in Sengoku Empire and fighting Genma Army when he gets sobbed and sometimes drunk which it's part of his fighting style.

  • Kyru Shiburu

The Kirin Samurai who helped the Maeda and Minamoto Clan as the mercenary now joined the Onimusha Clan. Hailed from the fierce Kirin Clan, Kyru is famed due to his battle against one thousand elite warriors from the Orochi Kaminari Army with 500 Kirin Clansmen.

  • Banzui and Bonzai

A Twin Yokai-like Porcupine with spikes on their back. Having lost their parents during the invasion of Genma Army, they were raised by Yamaarashi Bandits and trained by Bazuka. After several nights of raiding rival clan's crop fields, the twins joined and served Ikko-Ikki Clan to fight the Genma Army and the Orochi Army in which they've finally avenged their parents' death by slaying one of the generals who committed the massacre. After the battle, they heard their master Bazuka joined the Onimusha Clan and they quickly joined up with them for their adventures.

  • Bazuka

A Yokai-like warthog with a size of big muscle, standing large. He once served to Ikko-Ikki then serving with the Tokugawa Clan and now a mercenary until he joined the Onimusha Clan. He trained the Twin Yokai Porcupine as his students. Sometimes the twins called him “big brother.” He wields his own spear and war-hammer.


  • The Oni-Dragons are very resemblance from are likely from Onimusha 2 enemy called "Jaido", a common enemy-like lizards.
  • Onimusha Clan is named after one of Capcom's biggest franchise, Onimusha.
  • Based on Japanese folklores and the race mythical creatures called Yokai, including Onmyoji or Onmyodo and Oni.
  • Inspired from the popular manga series called Nurarihyon no Mago (Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan.)
  • Genji Yokaimura, Benkei-Oni, Kami Shikigami are based on Minamoto no Yoshitsune, Saito no Musashibo Benkei or Benkei, and Abe no Seimei.


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