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Many eons ago, before the time when Earth was born, the gods and demigods were created from the Void. The two gods were born, Talus, God of Light and Destiny and Kaiser, God of Darkness and Fate came to the Realms. They received the gift for they toyed for many years but they’re likely to share from the demi-gods. Shaping of their images from spiritual power, another child are born. No wonder the Light and Dark growing bright the days and nights while the Chaos, Draxor, was secretly torn.

And with their power, they gave many wondrous gifts to the people of their world they created: bountiful harvests, moral guidance, magics to heal and help people, and the most amazing of all, the power of Aura for heroes while the Chaos gods created the Dark and Chaos Aura to those who seeks evil for purpose of world domination. They celebrated for love and share and peace together until the Chaos gods took their places and love is lay to waste. Kaiser and his brethren took its power of the Realms and banished out his brothers and sisters.

Weakened of their powers, the twins had fled to mortal realm where they can hide themselves with their brethren and seek their help from heroes who can aid them to returned their rightful birthplace while Draxor, who proclaimed himself as the God-King of Chaos, and his brethren seize power to dominate the world and they were winning.