Elite Force Lightstorm is the Original Deadly Alliance, Military Deadly Alliance, the Modern Deadly Alliance and the North American Deadly Alliance as well the team member of the UN-GDI and the Patriot Star. The platoon of Super Soldier of Fortune fighting Warlord terrorists in the four corners of the globe with the tactical skills and psychic abilities.


The Early Days

Captain Templar Lightstorm was a member of Antichiton Special Forces Unit. He has done successfully training mission to be the part and leader of his new team. His last team were killed the ambush during the mission when they were betrayed by the rouge government. His new team was led by his mentor and master, Commander Aaron "the Legend" Brightwing and Commander Leo "the Boss" Harold of the Lion Unit. Among them are the new members of the team: his partner, Captain Eliot Eaglestrike (The Vizier); Rik "Cracker" Ratson (The Codebreaker); Dugan Driller (The Digger); Volcano and Napalm (The Fury/Burners); Jenny Firewing (The Joy); Ernesto Crispo (The Dagger); Shaft Cobalt (The Silent/The Scouter); Riko (The Camouflage/The Scope); Jacque Lockheed (The Sword); Bruiser "Berserker" (The Shield/The Blade); Arad Darhan (The Bomber); Arios Hornstrike (The Cannon); Gina Kitana (The Katana) and Alia Alpha (The Prowler.)

The First Mission is much bigger than this Gang War

On their first mission, Captain Lightstorm and his partner, the Vizier, were sent into troubled urban city district to rescue the hostages at the subway station and eliminate Wolven street gangsters. After rescuing the hostages, they discovered the hideout, stashed with high-tech weapons made from well-known terrorist organization. Learning about their plans from interrogated suspect, they stole four nuclear bombs from the top-secret government lab and scattered around the globe. His first Lone-Wolf mission was taken place at the rebel cargo train, it was originally stolen from the government's military base and it will detonated once they reached one of the major city. Fighting after fighting on each train-cars, he reached the first bomb, deweaponizing it and jumped off from the train before it detonated in high-tech explosion.

The Hunt for the Horesmen goes on

Having destroyed the first bomb, they were briefed by the Patriot Star leader, General Thunderbolt, and learned the bombs codenamed as "the Four Horsemen" were stolen by the most powerful mercenary army. They were sent into three locations: one is the eastern country in civil war; one is at the snow mountain base and last one is in the military airfield near the town in a desert country, ruled by a dictator. In the eastern country, Captain Lightstorm and his team, the Fury Burners and the Prowler, went to track down while his partner led his Bravo team, the Bomber, the Sword and the Blade to assist the resistance since the peacekeeper army left the country. Throughout their battle in the sewer, Capt. Lightstorm and his team discovered the crates that was sold by the mercenary army and tracked down the convoy before it escaped to the airfield. But they meet up with the resistances and Vizier and his team then they race together to the airfield. Through the battlefield, they took out the enemy's anti-air guns at the city ruins, eliminate the bomb "the Pestilence" and neutralized the militants at the airfield. On the second mission at the arctic island mountain, Capt. Lightstorm and the Prowler infiltrated chemical base through the enemy anthro-Vixens' military base. Inside the chemical base, they discovered the bomb planted inside the missile and it's about to launch in minutes. Thankfully, they cancelled missile launch, neutralized the enemies and escaped the base before it goes self-destruct. At the desert mission, they infiltrate military bunker near town, with the help of the Bomber and the Cannon. At the military bunker, they are fighting the Goatmen soldiers loyal to their leader. But during the battle, Capt. Lightstorm discovered his "strange" power on his hand when he raised the armored trunck, lifting up and above the enemies' positions then crush them down as flatten pancakes. However, he's not the only one who has this strange powers, but his new team does have psychic powers like Telekinesis just as he did during the fight. At the military airfield, they have reached the cargo plane and it's about to take-off in the air. They fought the enemy army with his new psychic powers like Pyrokinesis and Mind Drain then he reached the plane and blow it up as they plane takes off.

The Ghost Soldiers from the Cold War

After three missions went success, they learned the mercenry army, only to be known as "the Order Commandos", led by only known as General X. Back to the urban city, they have tracked down the Wolven gang leader, who has the most vital information about their plans are, at the warehouse near the docks. Capt. Lightstorm infiltrated the warehouse inside alone and discovered the meeting between rouge Dragoon commandos and the Wolven gang leader, it was turned out to be an arms deal. When the Wolven gang leader escaped from him as they were compromised, Capt. Lightstorm fought rouge Dragoon commandos and pursuits him to the sewer, leading him to his headquarters at the back alley. Having discovered their main base of operation, he fought the remnants of Wolven gang, save the hostages and prisoners and captured their leader at the rooftop. Before Capt. Lightstorm kills him, his last words were heard by saying "Lieutenant Daevis" and he's still alive since he disappeared from the action before he joined the Legend's team. Now he knows that Lt. Daevis is alive and, permanently, went rouge. Having learned that Lt. Daevis and his unit are at the missile factory in the jungles, they infiltrated the train yard, owned by the evil Lizardfolks-like Chameleon faction called the Red Camouls or the Rutu Tribes, with the help of the Camouflage, the Silent, the Katana, the Sword and the Blade. Fighting their way to slaughterhouse, they found the secret entrance to the missile factory, leave the Scope and the Scouter to hold them off. The slaughterhouse was owned and operated by the Blade's most hated faction of all time, the Black Dracos. Fighting their way reach Lt. Daevis' location alone while the Sword and Shield and the Katana fighting the Black Dracos, Capt. Lightstorm is shocked to see the true face of General X was none than other General Shruikan and he's the one who led the ambush and blackmailed the government with the help of Lt. Daevis before he went rouge. Enraged by betrayal from the past, his nemesis shot his old teammate in the head then he kills all General Shruikan's men but the two masterminds got away. Capt. Lightstorm rushes the engine room, planted the bomb and the team escaped the factory while shooting his way to complete the mission. Returning home, the Legend explains the past they know each other since they were only soldiers of fortune along ago. He explains how Shruikan went go wrong during his final mission with him and blamed the government for his reason actions. After his mission was compromised, the Legend sworn himself to bring him to justice, dead or alive. In order to find General Shruikan and Lt. Daevis, they're going to rescue the hostages at the corporate HQ, taken control by rouge military Ratling hackers. After fighting their way to the corporate HQ via backstreet, they took out militants and rescued the scientists. Having learned from one of the scientists, they must find and stop them from reaching their true goals: activating the Weapons of Mass Destruction and destroy the government for his world domination.

Now it's Payback time!

So back to the desert country at nightfall, he must find and interrogate the general who was secretly contacted General Shruikan. Fighting his way to the palace alone, Capt. Lightstorm found the general before the dictator ordered his men to execute him. After he catches him up at the rooftop, he learned the information about their fundings from the oil refinery but suddenly the general is killed by Shruikan's attack helicopter before he get the location of General Shruikan and his army. But at oil refinery alone, he found himself the information of their whereabouts at the ancient castle, his main base of operation. First, he must disrupt their fundings by destroying the oil refinery so it will never fund again for their terror operation.

At midnight, their final mission is to bring General Shruikan and his army to an end at the old castle, where all the factions has gathered for the final assault. Capt. Lightstorm and his team: the Digger, the the Dagger, the Joy, the Burners, the Bomber, the Camouflage, the Prowler and the Legend while the Vizier leads his eight men squad for the assault to the castle entrance with the help of the Patriot Stars Army. Before they launch the attack on the castle, Capt. Lightstorm and his squad must disable the defense system, kill the snipers and removing traps at the main gate at the castle wall and placing land mines and bombs at the barracks. When they entered the castle entrance hall, they fought their way to the underground base, beneath the castle via the dungeons while the Bravo Team and the Patriot Stars Army has breached the castle wall, alerting all the armies of General Shruikan and lured them into their traps so the allied forces can easily defeating them at the field. Meanwhile, having fighting their way down through the dungeons, they took out the elite force of Lt. Daevis at the underground base and Capt. Lightstorm challenged his new enemy rival in the combat knife fight. After the intense knife fight, Capt. Lightstorm has won and successfully captured his lieutenant. Leaving his teammates behind to maintain their position and wait for backup, Capt. Lightstorm and the Legend are heading down to the missile silo where it was about to launch the WMD in minutes. They're fighting their way to shut down the missile launch before it took off in the air at the control room but instead they destroyed missile after it took off in the air in self-destruct then they rush to the submarine dock where their nemesis is about to escape. Now it's a final showdown between the two Soldiers of Fortune and General Shruikan, using with psychic powers. Somehow, the clash between two old soldiers was short time as the Legend is nearly beaten to death by his former partner, but Capt. Lightstorm stopped him and challenged him to death to avenge his original team. During the final showdown, Capt. Lightstorm discovered his true power of his Psychic Aura and use it against his nemesis to defeat him. After his nemesis's defeat, the base was about to be self-destruct, leaving General Shruikan to die and picking up his mentor. Before he died, General Shruikan's last words was revealed that it was the Warlord all along and they know who they are. Capt. Lightstorm and the Legend managed to escaped from the base before it explodes.

After the greatest threat is over, the Warlords are defeated as captured or killed in action and Capt. Lightstorm and his brave squad may have won their battle but many battles are not yet over. Capt. Lightstorm is now codenamed "the Hero" due his act of bravery, courage, honor and duty for saving millions of innocent lives and his squad now called the Elite Force Lightstorm and dedicated team member of the Patriot Stars.


On December 21, 2012, Captain Lightstorm was suddenly disappeared in action and found himself in the border town of Santo Juan, Costa Verde, where he helped the United States Marines and Border Patrol and successfully repelled their attempted invasion with military force. After the repelled attack, he was brought to top secret location in California for thanking for saving the U.S. Government and its border and then he was picked up by the predecessor of the UN-GDI and brought him and others like Elvik Riverwind, Eagle-Star, Bristo/Star-Tank, Star Torpedo and several others in the United States to Germany.

After the joint-operation in France, Captain Lightstorm is reunited with his team and joined forces with their new allies against the alien invaders known as the Monarchs.

After the Monarchs are defeated, Captain Lightstorm and his team are now resided at the top secret location in Texas, in the favor by the Patriot Star.

Team Members

Captain Templar Lightstorm AKA “The Hero”

Leader of this unit and Alpha Team. He led his original Dragoon unit and he lost his eye during jungle warfare and replaced by cybernetic eye patch. He has mastered all of psychic powers such as Telekinesis and Pyrokinesis.

Captain Eliot Eaglestrike AKA “The Vizier”

Leader of Bravo Team and partner of the Hero. Captain Eliot Eaglestrike was a top commander of his old unit and led several successful missions until he was recruited by the Patriot Star for the new unit of Super Soldiers of Fortune. His code name has brought to his psychic power of Remote and Aura View as his ability. He's the Avian super soldier.

Rik "Cracker" Ratson AKA “The Tech-Rat”

A Miceling with cybernetic right eye gives the ability to hack the computer systems, even the security and super computers can be easily or hard to breach in seconds or a minute. Rik Ratson was a computer genius and an mercenary for hire, helping the democratic governments to fight cyber-terrorism. How did he get his cybernetic eye is he got some help from the Patriot Star after his eye got burned when his computer got fried.

Dugan Driller AKA “The Digger”

A Moling or Man-Mole who digging up fast, even placing traps and mines and guiding down to the underground base. His claws is made with titanium blades after his original claws was accidentally destroyed by land mine while defusing it.

Volcano AKA “Fury/Burner-01”

A fire-breathing Lizardfolk went rouge on their former faction when they refuse to burn hospital building and they both become a target. After they burned the enemy base, Volcano and his partner, Napalm, lost their breathing mouth in a fire explosion and replaced by fuel wire on between their mouth. Volcano's specialty is always Pyrokinesis with his own fire power of volcanic flames.

Napalm AKA “Fury/Burner-02”

Like his partner, Napalm also refused to burn the village in the forest. His Pyrokinesis's power is napalm named after his own name.

Jenny Firewing AKA “The Joy”

A young Dragoon member of this squad. Her psychic ability is to cloak herself which it led her second codename called the Cloak for sometimes but she enjoys the danger she faced. She also uses the Mind Control.

Ernesto Cripso AKA "The Dagger"

He's the Man-bat throwing knife expert and killed dozens of enemies with only daggers. Migrated from the south, Ernesto Crispo went to the academy and then entered the military school for special combat training, train with his daggers all day, every day, and that brought attention to the Patriot Star as he was recruited to be a member of the unit of Super Soldiers of Fortune.

Shaft Cobalt AKA “The Silent”

A Snakemen-like cobra marksman expert who can shoot far from his sight at 360 miles per shot. Some he was called the Scouter because he infiltrates enemy bases.

Riko AKA “The Camouflage”

A Lizardfolk-like chameleon infiltrator who betrayed by his former and rouge faction working together with his enemies. He managed to escape with his psychic ability of camouflages.

Jacque Lockheed AKA “The Sword”

An excellent light purple Dragonkind swordsman with a gentle heart. His personal favorite weapon is his rifle with European sword.

Bruiser "Berserker" Butcher AKA “The Blade/The Shield”

The hulking Dragonkind who loves to kill the Black Dracos with his personal weapon on his claws. He was a fighter who freed his brethren from the hostile's camp. Some he was called as the Shield because he can protect the hostages with his psychic ability.

Arad Darhan AKA “The Bomber”

A Goatman who is the top demolition expert and defuses quickly and focuses on wires, many wires.

Arios Hornstirke AKA “The Cannon”

A badass Ram-man who wields his rifle with double cannon barrels. He can take out many enemy vehicles, tanks and aircrafts.

Gina Kitana AKA “The Katana”

A female light green Dragonkind wields her personal favorite weapon, her ancestral Katana. She can cut down in half and pieces into sushi.

Alia Alpha AKA “The Prowler”

A female Wolven that can swim faster and lures her enemies into her psychic ability of shadows.

Commander Leo Harold AKA “The Boss”

The Anthro-Lion commands his Bravo team and assist the Vizier during the mission in and out of the field. He partnered with the Legend for long time.

Commander Aaron Brightwing AKA “The Legend”

A legendary Dragoon soldier of fortune whose went into many enemy hotspots and battlefields. He's a mentor to the Hero and once a lifetime partner of Shruikan before he went rouge on him.


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