Welcome to the Deadly Alliance Wikia, created by the freelance artist and writer and creator of his project and administrator himself, Pieter Albert Mertens and that's me.

Here on this Wikia, it has many information about Deadly Alliance, a international group of over 130 teams of heroes from all over the world, as well their villains from the evil Secret Society such as Sanctuary of Evil, the Dark Alliance and W.O.L.F, and the Deadly Alliance's allies such as United Nations Global Defense Intelligence, CIA T.A.S.K Force, and OLMN.

In case you don't know who are they, what are they or where did they come from, then this is for you. Buy the Deadly Alliance novel on

As the creator of the project, enjoy my first Wiki.

Database Contents
The Sign of Dragonsnake The Deadly Alliance Heroes wikia Sanctuary of Secrets wiki photo The Sanctuary of Evil
Introduction Meet the Deadly Alliance The Sanctuary of Secrets The Sanctuary of Evil
Origins and Stories Allied Alliance Factions DA Universe
Origins and Stories Allied Alliance Factions The Deadly Alliance Universe
DA Stories Pop culture and Inspirations
DA Stories Pop cultures and Inspirations

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My first book is now avaliable on; it costs 13,93 € for Europe and for the North America, 17,95 US$

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