This page is all about stories about the Deadly Alliance's adventures.

Main SeriesEdit

The Original Story ArcEdit

The first story takes place in 20XX, where the first appearance of Ed Hunter and will be the main character of this saga.

Book 1: The G.E.A.Rs of WarEdit

The world is at near brink of war and crisis. The rouge nation and the shadowy corporation are planning to dominate the world by attending to use the ultimate weapon: the G.E.A.R (Genetic Engineering Armed Robots.) But the only way to stop them is the Deadly Alliance, the band of international anthropomorphic heroes and thrill-seekers with their incredible fighting skills and deadliest incarnations.

Book 2: Rise of the Black HandEdit

Ed received his next mission and this will be first time ever as an agent: he goes undercover. He must uncover and foil their evil terrorist act but there is someone who watching him...

Book 3Edit

Coming Soon

Fan FictionsEdit

Deadly Alliance X-Cross DinosaucersEdit

The story takes place in the modern day U.S. Mid-West Coast and its consisted with six chapters and epilogue. When the meteorite struck in the northwest of United States, Major Clifton has a new task to deliver a strange object to the secret location for further studies. Unaware by this mysterious object, the Dinosaucers must retrieve the object before the evil Tyrannos will create a super weapon that it will take over the world while the Deadly Alliance have to protect the object before they do. But there is someone else is in the game that it will steal the object before anyone does...


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