B.A.S.E in full name as Battle Animal Special Exo-Rangers is Sci-Fi Deadly Alliance and the Asian Deadly Alliance as well the team member of the UN-GDI and the Taoist Lotus Clan. From mystical animal spirits to mighty mecha warriors, the Battle Animal Special Exo-Rangers battle the evil forces of the Neo-Machine Empire.


The Early Days

In the cyberpunk world of Antichthon, Crimson Saber Falcon was created by the cyber police to keep the city of Repliodpolis safe from the cyberterrorist group called the Renegades. Over the years, the Renegades have carried out their devastated terrorist attacks across the city and Crimson Saber Falcon have prevented several attacks all by himself.

But that was about to change in a turning point of defeating the Renegades.

The Birth of the Rangers

The cyber police have established a new initiative to combat the Renegade and Crimson Saber Falcon was among those 900 members of the group. He and other seven were selected and formed the first Rangers, a special forces unit specialized to combat the Renegades in the city, as Zero Rangers. The Zero Rangers are consisted with Crimson Saber Falcon as the leader; Blue Imugi Dragon, the gunslinger; White Chi Dragon, the Blaster Ranger; Turbo Leopard, the fastest android of the Zero Rangers; Nine Tails Vixen, the cunning trickster and infiltrator; Crawler Raptor, the android-like dinosaur Ranger; Shining Deer, the white-golden android-like deer; and Jin Qilin, the cool independent android wielding his ancestors' sword.

Their first mission was rough at start but they've managed to deactivate the Renegades war machine and captured a small group of Renegades, completed their first mission in 30 minutes. Mission after mission, the Rangers initiative evolves as more and more Rangers were recruited and formed teams, from 9 Rangers to 90 Rangers. This was the greatest turning point of winning the war on the Renegades until they've reached the Renegades' headquarters, ending the war by capturing the creator and destroyed the deadly Renegade Virus with the anti-Renegade Virus.

The war is effectively over as the Renegades are rounded-up or surrendered themselves to them and peace in Reploidpolis is at least until then...

The Revolution of the Neo-Machine Empire

Two years of peace and the Rangers have become a peacekeeping force in Reploidpolis, maintaining the city safe and helping citizens wherever they need it.

Until one day, one of the Rangers was severely injured after the attack of unknown group. Even worse, the elected officials and government leaders were assassinated and the city was plunged into chaos. Crimson Saber Falcon was insisted to restore order and find the responsible ones who orchestrated the terror attack and that responsible one was Venjinx, once the commander of the Rangers now a rouge leader and the self-entitled Emperor of the Neo-Machine Empire who ordered the Rangers to join his quest for world domination. Fortunately, the Zero Rangers refused to joined their evil quest so which they were branded as the enemy of the Neo-Machine Empire. Fortunately for the Zero Rangers, other Rangers teams like Alpha Rangers, Bravo Rangers, Charlie Rangers, Delta Militia Beret Rangers, Space Command Rangers, Special Police Rangers, Rapid Counter-Strike Tactical Rangers, and newly addition Black Ops Rangers were all against the Neo-Machine imperialist gusto and rebelled against the regime.

As they've escaped from the fallen city of Reploidpolis, they formed the resistance dedicated to the true and fallen Rangers.

Battling against the Neo-Machine Empire

For several months, Crimson Saber Falcon and the Zero Rangers are the official leader of the newly Rangers initiative called Battle Animal Special Exo-Rangers (or B.A.S.E for short name.) They've formed a master plan to liberate Reploidpolis ad weaken the Neo-Machine Empire once and for all.

The Alpha Rangers went to liberate the first section of Reploidpolis; the Bravo Rangers went disrupt the Neo-Machine Virus in the second section of the city; the Charlie Rangers went to destroy the weapons factory in the major city of Roppler; the Delta Rangers went to the military bases to avert their invasion on the other country; Space Command Rangers were sent to space as they went to disrupt their weaponized satellite; Special Police Rangers went find and capture any infected Neo-Machinists then cured them by unleashing Anti-Neo-Machine Virus across the city; the RCSTR were sent to capture any local criminals and Renegades loyal to the Neo-Machine Empire; and Black Ops Rangers have infiltrated the Neo-Machine Empire's R 'n' D facility and sabotaged their projects.

After 8 missions completed, the Zero Rangers and its allies have located Venjinx's palace where the old government building was used to be. Before they confront their nemesis, the Zero Rangers deactivated the highly secured wall defenses. But while they're deactivating the defenses, they've encountered the new improved Renegades and the corrupted Rangers now the Neo-Machinists and they were forced to fight them, even if they have to but there were no other choice. After the defenses are down, the Rangers fought their way to Venjinx's inner chamber, battling the Neo-Machinists everywhere inside the palace. Their battles was hard but they fought bravely with teamwork and then three members of the Zero Rangers, Crimson Saber Falcon, Blue Imugi Dragon, and White Chi Dragon, have reached the inner chamber while their fellow Rangers hold them off until they returned.

At the inner chamber, they faced their nemesis in a final battle and Crimson Saber Falcon battled his nemesis in one-on-one sword fight. After he defeated him in a first form, the Rangers learned the shocking truth: they were born from the spiritual world and they have sworn to protect from Venjinx and his spreads of Chaos. Now returned as androids, the Rangers now understand their old duty is to banish Venjinx once and for all but not before they defeat Venjinx's final and true form first. With combined strength of all the Rangers' spirit, Crimson Saber Falcon, Blue Imugi Dragon and White Chi Dragon have unlocked their Aura as well the others and defeated the Neo-Machine Empire and sealed him away into the lantern then sent him far away where no one will ever find him for a long, long time.

With Reploidpolis is freed from tyranny, the Neo-Machine Empire has been collapsed and the democratic government is restored and the Rangers are reinstated as the only forces to defend the city from the Neo-Machine Empire.


On December 21, 2012, Crimson Saber Falcon was suddenly vanished and teleported to Seoul, South Korea. Then he went Joint Security Area in the Demilitarize Zone where the standoff happened when Shang Lao is attempting to cross the border to South Korea but Crimson Saber Falcon has tried to stop him but the standoff goes awry and awkward until the predecessor of the UN-GDI showed up and picked them up to Germany.

After the joint-operation in France, Crimson Saber Falcon was reunited and his teammates and the fellow Rangers after the Planegate Portal was activated and joined forces with their new allies as they battled against the Monarch alien invaders.

After the defeat of the alien forces of the Monarch Empire, the Rangers resided in the South Korean military base with the help of the Taoist Lotus Clan and continue they combat against the Neo-Machine Empire as Venjinx returned and the Imperial 69.

Team Members

Zero Rangers

The Zero Rangers is the very first unit of ending the Renegades terrorists since the war. They're also the founder of the B.A.S.E since the Neo-Machine Empire's takeover. Now the Neo-Machine Empire is collapsed, the Zero Rangers will do anything they can to maintain peace as they combat against evil forces of utter Chaos.

Crimson Saber Falcon - An android-like falcon who is the team leader of the Zero Rangers and the commander of B.A.S.E. A brave, courageous, and strong-willed sword fighter hero who wields the Zero Falcon Saber.

Blue Imugi Dragon - A cool hotheaded hotshot android-like Imugi (a Korean lesser dragon or serpent) is the team's gunslinger, wielding his dual Imoogi Gun Blaster. His sharpshooting skill is excellent and has brought good accuracy which he never misses his targets, well mostly.

White Chi Dragon - A calm coolheaded noble android-like Korean Dragon who is armed with his Chi Dragon Blaster. He has the elemental powers that he mastered at his disposal to combat his enemies with the right proper tools.

Turbo Leopard - The hotshot android-like leopard who is team's speedster with his incredible booster. He's the fastest member of the Zero Rangers who is catching up those high-speed criminals.

Nine Tail Vixen - The female andriod-like vixen based on the Korean mythical creature called Kumiho. A cunning master of disguise for the Zero Rangers, Nine Tail Vixen has the ability to disguise as one of them.

Raptor Crawler - The little android-like velociraptor who is the team's prankster and jokester. But aside from those, he's the team's scout and has the special ability of copying himself, 3000 times or more!

Shining Deer - The shining white-golden android-like deer who is the master of fire and wood. A noble android fights for the true justice against the Neo-Machine Empire.

Jin Qilin - The cool independent android-like Qilin is the master of all the elements. He was the independent one as well the vigilant android who fights the Renegades on his own and that's when he was recruited by the Rangers as a member of the Zero Rangers. He wields the Teal Sword of the Qilin.

Alpha Rangers: Alpha Tactical Special Rangers

Following the success of Zero Rangers' first mission, the Alpha Rangers were created and eight new candidates were selected at the same day. During the tyranny of the Neo-Machine Empire, Alpha Rangers were the first to rejected themselves and joined the new Rangers initiative.

Thunder Eagle - The android-like eagle who is the commander of the Alpha Rangers. He was transferred from the 17th Rangers Division after his tour of duty at the Rangers' airbase and appointed as the leader of the team.

Icy Penguin - The android-like penguin who was a member of the 13th Polar Rangers Division. Having been touring his duty at the polar region, he was bored to patrol the sector until he was chosen to be part of a real action from the Alpha Rangers.

Camo Chameleon - The android-like chameleon who was a member of the 9th Recon Rangers Division. Master of infiltration and reconnaissance, Came Chameleon is one of the best Rangers of the Alpha Rangers for his highly incredible skills thanks to the stealth technology allow him to be invisible from the enemy's eyes.

Saseumbello (사슴 벌레) - The android-like stag beetle who was a member of the 17th Elite Rangers Division. He's the skilled infiltrator like a ninja and has incredible speed and agility and uses his throwing stars and boomerang in shape of his steel horns. His name means Stag Beatle in Korean.

Torpedo Octopus - The android-like octopus who was a member of the 6th Aqua Rangers Division. Torpedo Octopus had rescued several hostages at the cargo ship taken over by the Renegades. After his daring rescue, he was chosen after he was transferred to the Alpha Rangers.

Rolling Armordillo - The android-like armadillo who was a member of the 6th Armored Rangers Division. His armor is made of andamentium and vibramium, making him the unstoppable Ranger for the Alpha Rangers.

Lighting-Fist Mandrill - The android-like mandrill who was a member of the 17th Electric Rangers Division. A groovy Ranger who loves disco light shows and the master of his lighting fighting skills, Lighting-Fist Mandrill was chosen to be part of the Alpha Rangers for his incredible fast speeding fighting force.

Fire Elephant - The android-like elephant who was a member of the 4th Fire Rangers Division. Having been toured of his duty at the desert region, Fire Elephant was chosen to be part of the Alpha Rangers. His fiery skill has brought attention when rescued civilians while defending the weapons factory.

Bravo Rangers: Bravo Tactical Special Rangers

The Bravo Tactical Special Rangers or the Bravo Rangers is the second unit of the Rangers Division after the success of the Zero Rangers. Like other Rangers teams, eight members were chosen and then later battled against the Neo-Machine Empire.

Stag Burner - The android-like stag who is the commander of the Brave Rangers. He was a member of 27th Elite Rangers Division who had some reputation as the hothead Ranger with his untapped firepower. Now he's cooling down as he was chosen for the Bravo Rangers' team leader.

Motor-Gator - The android-like alligator who was a member of the 6th Amphibious Rangers Division with Deep-Sea Crab. He was discharged for radical behavior but he was reinstated as he was chosen to be part of the Bravo Rangers.

Deep-Sea Crab - The android-like crab who was a member of the 6th Amphibious Rangers Division. His action was to restrain Motor-Gator after he was been falsely accused for his reckless action but thanks to his right decision for clearing his name, he had been chosen to be part of the Bravo Rangers.

Ninja Moth - The android-like moth who was a member of the top secret Rangers Division. His origin was classified but rumors about his life that he was the only survivor of his fallen unit (codenamed: Fallen Rangers). He's the Korean Shinobi and wields his ninja saber he called Sangseung Cheosa (Rising Angel/상승 천사).

Volcanic Centipede - The android-like centipede who was a member of the 0th Rangers Division. He was captured by the Renegades after his unit was wiped out during his mission and was brainwashed. Fortunately, he broke into Renegades' Central Computer System and hacked into their database then escaped. With his mission was a success despite of his responsibility of his fallen comrades, he was chosen to be part of the Bravo Rangers.

Solid Snail - The android-like snail who was a member of the 20th Rangers Division. Having been in his tour of duty at the crystal quarry, Solid Snail has kept all those shipments from Renegades' attempted hijack. Then he was chosen to be part of the Bravo Rangers. Ostrich Speedster - The android-like ostrich who was a member of the 7th Rangers Division. After the accident, Ostrich Speedster lost his ability to fly but gained his new of speed, giving him a new chance of his lifetime. Enjoyed by his new power, he catch the Renegades with the help of Turbo Leopard and then was chosen to be part of the Bravo Rangers.

Green Wire Demon - The android-like sponge plant who was a member of the Rescue Rangers Division. He rescued many scientists at the research labs until he was struck by accident when the weather device hits him. Amazingly, he survived after the incident and rescued more civilians than anyone. That has brought attention to the Rangers for daring brave rescue which he has been chosen to be part of the Bravo Rangers.

Charlie Rangers: Charlie Tactical Special Rangers

Same as the Alpha and Bravo Rangers, the Charlie Rangers is the third unit was established by the Rangers Science Division. Eight candidates were chosen due to their immunes to the Renegade Virus. After the Virus was destroyed, they now battle against the Neo-Machine Empire.

Agent Hornet - The android-like hornet who was a member of the top-secret Rangers Division. He was a spy working for the agency when Agent Hornet investigated the incident at Sector D city district until he discovered that it was the Renegades were behind the terrorist attack. After he took the Renegades' presence in the city, he was appointed as the team leader of Charlie Rangers for his strong leadership.

Shining Claw Tiger - The android-like Siberian tiger who was a member of the Wildlife Rangers Division. His duty was to prevent Renegade poachers from harming the animals in the region. After the Renegade poachers are eliminated, he was chosen to be part of the Charlie Rangers. He wields his Neon Claws, a weapon that it can cut trees, barricades, and steel doors.

Baljeong Biteul (발정 비틀) - The android-like horned beetle who was a member of he 37th Rangers Division. Before the time when he went to the Charlie Rangers, Baljeong Biteul and his brother-in-arms, Saseumbello, were the members of the Beetle Rangers and fought together against the Renegades. His ability was gravity and also a skilled ninja.

Snowstorm Buffalo - The android-like buffalo who was a member of the Rescue Rangers Division. He's a art-loving sculptor who resided near the ski resort until he rescue other skiers from getting accident or fell off from the cliff. With his daring rescue, it was brought attention to the Rangers and was recruited until he was transferred to the Charlie Rangers.

Ace Seahorse - The android-like seahorse who was a member of the Security Rangers Division. In his tour of duty at the hydroelectric dam, Ace Seahorse defused the Renegades' bomb inside the reactor and captured the Renegades on site. After that, he was chosen to be part of the Charlie Rangers.

Rhino Driller - The android-like rhinoceros who was a member of the Expedition Rangers Division. He was the one who discovered Renegades' illegal quarry and halted their evil operation for good by using his drillers to disrupt it. He was later transferred to the Charlie Rangers for his great deeds of action.

Electro Catfish - The android-like catfish who was a member of the Emergency Rangers Division. He has a generator in his body, providing backing up their main generators and helping city's power supplies. A playful Rangers, Electro Catfish was chosen to be part of the Charlie Rangers for his quick action for preventing the Renegades from advancing to the city.

Lobster Cutter - The android-like lobster who was a member of the 30th Naval Rangers Division. His fighting skills was impressive but too dangerous because of his sharp scissor claws and deemed to be dismantled but instead he was reprogrammed with better improvements so he was transferred to the Charlie Rangers.

Delta Rangers: Delta Militia Beret Rangers

The Delta Militia Beret Rangers (DMBR) or the Delta Rangers are the team themed with military vibe specialized for combating military terrorist threats in the region.

Commander Rising Dragoon - The android-like dragon who is a strong, bold, and natural-born leader of the team. He was a member the 14th Militant Rangers Division who fought the Renegades at the volcano base and stopped their missile launch by defeating the Renegade commander. He's the master of the close-combat and the Exploding Dragon Technique, a fiery fighting style of the ancient Burning Dragon.

First Lieutenant Sniper Spider - The android-like spider who was a member of the Guerrilla Rangers Company. He led his own guerrilla unit and aided his fellow Rangers, providing cover with his sniper blaster and leading into victory against the Renegade guerrillas with high morality. He lost his right eye but it was upgraded and replaced with the eye scanner, allow him to scope with his rifle easily.

Private First Class Mushroom Fungi - The android-like mushroom who was a member of Bio-Rangers Division. When the lab has been contaminated by the outbreak, Mushroom Fungi was the only one of his immune of Renegades' bio-terror attack and rescued few survivors by give his own medical treatment. After the incident, he was recruited and ranked as Private First Class as well their medical Ranger.

First Class Lieutenant Laser Peacock - The android-like peacock who was a member of the Cyber Rangers Division. She's a professional computer hacker, disrupting a network of Renegades' cyberspace, stealing and downloading their information and averting their virus before it unleashed. She's been ranked as First Class Lieutenant and became part of the Delta Rangers.

Major Thunder Owl - The android-like owl who was a member of the Rangers Air Force. A senior officer who commanded his air force and his strategies were very precise with caution and understanding, leading many successful air sorties. Then he's back into action when the Renegades attacked the airbase and joined the Delta Rangers.

Gunnery Sergeant Blizzard Walrus - The android-like walrus who was a member of the Arctic Rangers Division. His badass and rowdy reputation, Gunnery Sergeant Blizzard Walrus fights for what is right until he gets full responsibility of rules of engagement. Later he joined the Delta Rangers as their heavy weapons Ranger.

Specialist Aqua Jetray - The android-like manta ray who was a member of the Navy Rangers. He's a dedicated naval commando who prevent the Renegades from destroying the city's power station at the docks single-handedly. Then he was chosen to be part of the Delta Rangers as their Aqua Ranger.

Sergeant Major Saber Leo - The android-like lion who was a member of the Armed Forces of the Rangers. A veteran Rangers who defeated the Renegades single-handedly in a combat zone, from the jungle warfare to the urban warfare.

Echo Rangers: Space Command Rangers

The Space Command Rangers or the Echo Rangers was established by the Enigma Rangers Division. Eight candidates were specialized and trained for space missions since they immediately took control over the Renegades weaponized satellite and then shuts down for good.

Skiver Pegasus - The android-like pegasus who was a member of the Rangers Air Force. A young leader of the Echo Rangers with great sense of justice fighting against the Renegades. He carries his father's legacy after his heroic sacrifice for saving the crew from plunging onto the ground.

Spike Rose - The android-like rose who was a member of the Bio-Rangers Division. Born from the real-life plant of spiked rose, his mutation grows as he gained the ability to control nature. When the nature region was under attack by the Renegades, his rage abrupt and kills his destroyers and then he was at ease and calmed down by the Rangers then recruited and trained by them and then became part of the Echo Rangers.

Burn-o-saurus Rex - The android-like tyrannosaurus rex who was a member of the Rescue Rangers Division. He lived in the volcanic region where he discovered weapons cache that it belongs to the Renegades. He destroyed the caches and fought the Renegades then he was recruited by the Rangers for daring heroic action and became part of the Echo Rangers.

Necrobat - The android-like bat who was an ex-Renegade. In his deleted records from the Rangers database, Necrobat carried out his Renegade activity until he went rouge as he killed his former fellow Renegades and went to hiding for his life. After three years, he was discovered by the Rangers and trained as he became the part of the Echo Rangers as he begins to fight against the Renegades and the Neo-Machine Empire.

Doctor Gaettongbeallo (개똥 벌레) - The android-like firefly who was a member of the Rangers Science Division. He developed the laser weapon for the Rangers until the Renegades are attempted to steal the prototype he build. But what they didn't know is this: he controlled his own weapons he created to defend the Rangers RnD Facility. After that, he was transferred to the Echo Rangers as their observer.

"Volt" Kraken Torpedo - The android-like kraken who was a member of the 6th Aqua Rangers Division. He's a friend of Torpedo Octopus and they've been working together ever since. After his friend was transferred to the Alpha Rangers, Kraken Torpedo was been transferred to the Echo Rangers after he expose police corruption from Sector W city district.

Typhoon Whale - The android-like whale who was a member of the Rangers Navy. He was a captain of maritime for the Rangers and battled against the Renegades naval armada. On his one last battle, he defeated the entire armada of Renegades' naval force. Then he was called for action as he has been assigned to be part of the Echo Rangers.

Iron Grizzly Berserker - The android-like grizzly bear who was a member of the Combat Rangers Division. He's a weapon expert and a powerful Ranger of the unit. He lost his arm during the explosion at the Renegades' illegal weapons trade in the warehouse and replaced by a deadly claw but it can also switched into deadly gun barrels.

Foxtrot Rangers: Special Police Rangers

The Special Police Rangers or the Foxtrot Rangers are the police-themed unit patrols the streets of Reploidpolis, helping citizens, reporting to domestic disturbance, and keep the city streets safe from the Renegade criminals.

Commander Jamjali (잠자리) - The android-like dragonfly who was a member of the Observation Rangers Division. Her strong leadership has brought positive reputation as the leader of the Observation Unit until she discovered the Renegades activity in the amazon jungle temple. After she eliminated the threat, Commander Jamjali was picked up the Rangers and appointed as the team leader of Foxtrot Rangers.

Bonghwang - The android-like phoenix who was a member of the Disaster Countermeasure Rangers Division. He has the ability to control fiery temperatures as the mythical phoenix and uses his elemental firepower against the Renegades. After he evacuated all members of the DCR Division and a group of young students and teachers, he was chosen to be part of the Foxtrot Rangers.

Winter Wolf Soldier - The android-like wolf who was a member of the Arctic Rangers Division. Trusted by his fellow teammates, Winter Wolf Soldier has a great sense of responsibility until his team was completely wiped out but he alone disposed the Renegades who attacked them with a sense of justice. Then he was chosen to be part of the Foxtrot Rangers after he discovered the corruption from his former post. His sharp claws is made like for a use for climbing mountains and prevent him from slipping off to the ground, even on ice.

Professor Soettong-guli (쇠똥 구리) - The android-like dung beetle who was a member of the Excavation Rangers Division. He was treasure hunter and helping the Rangers with his information about his greatest discoveries. Then he discovered the Renegades when they're attempting to trespass the forbidden area, Professor Soettong-guli prevented them from entering that site while he informed the Rangers. Later after that, he was recruited to be part of the Foxtrot Rangers. Hydro Shell Turtle - The android-like turtle who was a member of the Aqua Rangers Division. A calm and steady Ranger, Hydro Shell Turtle has a steady strong shell on his back, resisting acid rain and explosion, even bullets, lasers, and blaster too due to his shell's firepower-proof. He became a member of the Foxtrot Rangers after he restored order and arrested several Renegades from attempting to create a riot at the water treatment plant.

Heavy Metal Shark Player - The android-like hammer-shark who was a member of the Search and Rescue Rangers Division. He searches for survivors while cleaning up after the Renegades' initial attacks until he discovered the terror plot from the rubble. With the information has been verified, it led a successful raid against the Renegades and preventing their terror attack on the recycle plant and became a member of the Foxtrot Rangers. He's also a rockstar for the team by his name as he carried his anchor as a electric guitar in disguise whenever in off-duty.

Officer Shieldon - The android-like seashell who was a member of the Police Rangers Division. He served as the bodyguard, protecting VIPs and Renegade criminals for escorting to the superior court. Officer Shieldon's great deed was he rescued the young hostage from the escaped Renegade that he was supposed to be on trial which he stunned the criminal down and rescued the hostage which it was turned out to be a son of the professor who protected him as a key witness. His duty was clear but he continues as a police officer until he was chosen to be part of the Foxtrot Rangers.

Whirl-Fleago - The android-like water flea who was a member of the Volunteer Rangers Division. He was a test pilot for the manned weapons until it explodes with a cost of his life but unfortunately, he survived thanks to his multiple duplicates. However, he can also analyze doors contained with booby traps, trip-wired bombs, and peeking behind the sealed doors. He's now the dedicated police officer for the Foxtrot Rangers.

Gulf Rangers: Rapid Counter-Strike Tactical Rangers

In order to response quickly for Renegades' incoming attacks in Reploidpolis, the Rapid Counter-Strike Tactical Rangers or the Gulf Rangers was born. Their tactics are very precise with focus and accurate as they evacuated the civilians and then countering their attack as well defending high valuable targets.

Thunder Samjok-o - The android-like crow who was a member of the top-secret Rangers Division. He was spook agent who assassinates most-wanted Renegades with no holding back but his reaction cause to prevent any further Renegades attack. This makes him a perfect leader for the Gulf Rangers.

Sing Kong - The android-like gorilla who was a member of the Royal Rangers Brigade. He fights for justice and hope, battling the Renegades in his never-ending peacekeeping duty. Then he was transferred to the Gulf Rangers for his great deeds of defending the innocents.

Tornado Sombrero - The android-like onion who was a member of the Communication Rangers Division. After he intercepted the possible incoming Renegade attack, Tornado Sombrero sent the message to the Rangers HQ to inform the impending attack but there was no response. So instead, he goes into action and locate the source which his hunches are correct then prevented them with his tornado attack. Then he was transferred to the Gulf Rangers for daring swift response.

War-Fly Fish Fighter - The android-like flying fish who was a member of the Aqua Rangers Division. A cool-headed and short tempered Ranger, War-Fly Fish Fighter's fighting capability that he brought down those Renegades' battleship single-handedly with his woldo (a Korean halberd/spear) before reaching to the coast. After he destroyed the Renegades' battleship, he was chosen to be part of the Gulf Rangers.

Hyper Fire Hyena - The android-like hyena who was a member of the Combat Rangers Division. His hot-temper that cause to fight his past that haunts him ever since and now he fought his haunted past and redeemed himself. Then he was chosen to be part of the Gulf Rangers.

Motor-Hog - The android-like warthog who was a former member and the leader of the Boar Riders. A former leader who led his gang to beat the Renegades in the streets until after his gang was wiped out by them but he goes on to avenge his gang as he stopped them in the highway. The he was recruited by the Rangers and became a member of the Gulf Rangers.

Sniper Anteater - The android-like anteater who was a member of the Veteran Rangers Division. A wise, old Ranger with poetry, Sniper Anteater has plenty of knowledges from the Rangers' Database and aside of his poetic words of wise, he carries his laser sniper on his back and aim carefully at his targets on his sight. He became a member of the Gulf Rangers as their sniper.

Ranger Roo - The android-like kangaroo who was a member of the Rookie Rangers Division. Tired been treated like a child, Ranger Roo skipped the Rookie Rangers Division's class and went into action after he stole the battle armor ride. But then he got crossed with the Renegades when he got ambushed but Ranger Roo fought back and defended himself. Surprisingly, he stopped the Renegades' advancement to the city when the Rangers finally tracked him down and brought him back to the Rookie Rangers Division for detention due his reckless behavior. But despite of this, his brave action brought attention to the Rangers and had been transferred to the Gulf Ranger with his modified battle armor ride.

Hotel Rangers: Black Ops Rangers

The Black Ops Rangers or the Hotel Rangers are the covert operative rangers specialized for covert missions with infiltration, reconnaissance, sabotage, search and destroy, and POW rescue.

Black Shadow Mantis - The android-like mantis who was a member of the top-secret Rangers Division. He's the master of shadows with his incredible stealth technique of the modern ninja. No one knows how he did it but he has been chosen to led the Black Ops Rangers.

Red Hotshot Rooster - The android-like rooster who was a member of the top-secret Rangers Division. This hotheaded hotshot was a former security guard at the disposal facility at the borderland when the Renegades began their uprising but he foiled their uprise. Then he was recruited and trained by the Rangers and then became a member of the Black Ops Rangers.

Orange Rockobite - The android-like trilobite who was a member of the top-secret Rangers Division. He used to a miner patrol guard worked at the rare earth quarry mines until he discovered the Renegades' illegal activity and prevented them without been discovered and then informed the Rangers patrol nearby. This brought the attention to them and became a member of the Black Ops Rangers.

Purple Ant Trooper - The android-like ant who was a member of the top-secret Rangers Division. He was a soldier from the Rangers Ground Force and battled the Renegades in a combat zone at the desert. After the battle and won, he was left behind and fought his way to get back to his unit but not before stopping Renegades' retaliation attack first. As he returned to the base, he received a military honor and been transferred to the Black Ops Rangers for his survival skills.

White Mighty Yeti - The android-like yeti who was a member of the top-secret Rangers Division. He's the eco-Ranger which he was a member of ecological observation team. Having worried about the environments, Mighty Yeti overseen the damages but until it was the Renegades who've caused the damages on the environments. Using his environmental power as his last resort, he saved many civilians and environmentalists from the avalanche then finished the Renegades off with that avalanche so they won't hurt Mother Nature ever again. Then he became a member of the Black Ops Rangers.

Blue Jellyfish Shocker - The android-like jellyfish who was a member of the top-secret Rangers Division. He kept the energy supply save from the Renegades until the city was hit a major blackout. Saving the city, he uses his own energy as a last resort of his power until he discovered the power to control electricity as he confused the Renegade intruders. Shortly after that and the power is fully restored, Jellyfish Shocker has been recruited and became a member of the Black Ops Rangers.

Yellow Sunny Flower - The android-like sunflower who was a member of the top-secret Rangers Division. He's the flower collector as he studied the plants for the environment research division as well saving them from extinction but his appearance had been proven as his disguise when the Renegades broke into his lab and captured them by using his ability to control plants only. Soon after that, the Rangers recruited them and became a member of the Black Ops Rangers.

Green Bamboo Panda - The android-like panda who was a member of the top-secret Rangers Division. He was a security guard for the rocket research division in eastern province where he discovered the Renegades' evil plan by selling the rockets to the highest bidders. He switched the real-life rockets to dummy rockets then tricked the Renegades into an ambush by the Rangers which Bamboo Panda informed them about the deal. Soon after that, he was recruited and became a member of the Black Ops Rangers.


  • Inspired from Capcom's MegaMan X with the concepts of their story games.
  • From Alpha to Hotel Rangers, they're very resemblance from each MegaMan X games' big bosses, the Mavericks.
  • Some of the members of Zero Rangers are based on the Korean Mythical Creatures.
Deadly Alliance
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North America Ace Soldiers * Ancient Sioux Clan * Anti-Virus Bugs * Bat Ballista * Elite Force Lightstorm * Flyer Eagles * Jet Stars * Ops: Cayton Knights * Ops: Cold Octopus * Ops: Eel Shockers * Ops: Grand Swordfishes * Ops: SeaStar Fishes * Ops: Sharkstalkers * Ops: Wave Dolphins * Red Hot Firedrakes * Spirit Ravens * Spawn Demons * Tank Raiders * The Hot Wheel Roadies * World Dragon Rangers * Lizard Freedom Fighters * 7-7-7 Golden Guardians * Diver Torpedoes * Polar Warriors

Central America: Kukori Dragons * Winged Staff Dragons

Caribbean Seas: Dragon Caribbean's * Dragon Pirates * Haitian Carvania * Jamaica Mojo Jumbos * NiteDay Cubanos * Ops: Brawler Sharks

South America Mantids Biohazard Squad * Pichu Machu Pack * Swampers * Tribal Dinosaur Rockers * Webstors * Brasilia Slingers * Rapu Nuio Chiliana
Europe UK & Ireland: Balor Towers * Draco MacDragonis Clan * Dragon Knights * Orc Marauders * Royal Dragon Knights * The Griffin Union

West Europe: Black Soul Hunters * Diamond Dragon Knights * Fox Reynard Clan * Gargoyle Night Clan * Holy Crusaders * Sea Musketeers * Slifer Pirates * Yore Colossal Gladiators of Rome * Fierro Diablos * Specter Ninjas

Scandinavia: Brotherhood Vikings * Clan of Krishnark * Sisterhood Huntress * Wild Forest Clan * Warlock Dragons

East Europe: Lonley Dragons * Lycos Clan * Night Guardians of Transylvania * Zero Vampires * Falcon Union

Greece: Angel Justice * Basilisk Guardsmen * Mythical Warriors of Sparta * Philosophers of Titans * Speed Fighters * Labyrinth Minotaurs * Royal Guardsmen of Troy

Russia: Soul Scythes * Wolf Marauders * Red Star Force

Africa Armored Nuke Dragon Force * Masked Reptile Warriors * Viper Cobras * Safari Warriors * Arch Twilight Clan * Unit Biohazard Squad
Middle East H.I.S.S.E.R * Persian-Arabian Knights * Star Guardians * Twin Dragons-Lion Hearts * U.S.E (Unseen Storm Ego)

Egypt: Pharaoh's Guardians * Powerslave

Asia East Asia: B.A.S.E (Battle Animal Special Exo-Rangers) * Coyato Han Clan * G-Police * Hagane Clan * Sheng Xiao Clan

China: Flaming Mystical Phoenixes * Kung-Fu Fighters * Shanghai Dragon Clan * Tai Shaolin Clan * Yin Yang Clan

Japan: Iga Ninjas * Jade Kunoichi Clan * Samurai Shadows of Sengoku * Tengu Ninjas

South-East Asia: Cry Wing Clan * Lizardstalkers * The Temple Dragon Clan * Wingaru Zero

South Asia: Clan Daevas * Zalazarka Clan

Oceania: Paradise Crocodile Rangers

International Dragoon Valor Knights * Ops: Dino-Thunder Strike Force * Ops: Winter Warriors * Shining Knights * The Special Hawk Ops * 7 Sea Star Warriors * Crimson Blood Raiders * Yucatan-Teteoh-Apu Alliance
Space Alien Arbiters * Dog Fighters * Drakojan Clan * R.U.S.T Force * Space Alpha Rangers * TriStar Galactic Rangers * Zero Spacelizards * Galactic Dinosaur Rangers * Shell Shocker Squad * A-Sphere * Laser Taggers * Mutant Space Pirates X * Nuke Beasts